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Lin - December 20

So, ambery, are you saying that, in retrospect, you still think it is better to not have a father for your child? Of course things will work out no matter what, but that doesn't make it the best path to follow.


ashlee - December 21

19 is a great age!!!!!! im 19 and im ttc. been with fiance for almost 4 years now. have a house and all the rest. we eally are ready for this. the only problem is concieving!!!! been trying for 10 monhs now. had one m/c


Hidden13 - January 3

I'm only 12 ill be 13 january 25,I think Im pregnant i have all the early signs,im scared...HELP!!?My boyfriend is the one who got me like this and he loves that im pregnant and he and his family are helping to raise it.My parents know too but they ALL say Im too young and that I should put it for adoption after its born.What do you think?


djh - January 3

Hi Sheri, may I pose a few thoughts to you? Are you ready job-wise, education-wise? Are you in a secure, committed relationship which has had time to blosson on it's own? Have you talked with the father (or father-to-be) of your values, goals, principles, views,etc.? Have you determined with your significant other what TYPE of human being you would like to raise? What parenting styles will you both agree on? And the biggest question of all...have you considered how you would deal with a child who may enter your life who is NOTHING like you with special needs, infirmity, or disfigurement? If you can answer each of these questions thoughtfully and easily, then you are ready to make the choice of becoming pregnant. If you are already pregnant, it is time to get busy thinking on these things. I am very interested to hear from you! Motherhood is like another poster said, the hardest thing and the most wonderful thing you'll ever do, and it is a "job" you will never be without in some manner for the rest of your life. One thing that struck me at age 19 when I became a mother for the first time was this~when they laid him in my arms after my c-section for the first time I was hit by the unexpected feeling of the most terrifying LOVE I ever had...suddenly I felt absolute terror that anything would ever happen to my baby son. I wasn't ready for that extremely powerful reaction!!! I was also in a state of absolute BLISS (maybe it was the but that was the most unexpected part of being a brand new mom.


sarah513 - January 3

im only 19 and im having my baby in march. I feel that i can handle motherhood but only you can answer your question... do you feel like you have more growing to do? or do you think that you are ready for all the responsibilities?? who cares what society thinks about young mothers.. hey.. 13 and 14 yr olds are having kids now a days so do what you want.. i think your old enough



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