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Carol - March 8

I am early in my first trimester. My Dr. has recommended that I get an amniocentesis done because of my age, but he made me aware of the possibility of a miscarriage. Is this procedure normal? And what would be the chances of a miscarriage?


E - March 8

Carol, I do not have the answers to those questions but ask yourself this: Will you abort the fetus if there is a genetic defect? If you will keep the baby regardless, then why take that risk? My friend's doc freaked when she refused her amnio, due to litigation fears. She refused and stood her ground. Most docs will be pushy about it but you do NOT have to submit to one, if you do not want to. You have the choice so do not let anyone pressure you for their own selfish reasons, if you will keep the baby no matter what. Good luck!!


P - March 8

My doctor didn't like it when I refused to be tested for spina bifida and Down's Syndrome. I didn't see the point. I know a great many women who's tests came back as false positives and it just gives you more stress when yoiu don't need it. If the test comes back positive, then they do an amnio and then only 1% of those come back as positives. I thought the risks outweighed any benefits so I declined. Did you have the blood test yet? Gather as much info as you can and make an informed decision but don't let him bully you into something you feel isn't necessary. Is this your first baby? If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? I'm 34 and pregnant with my first. Good luck.


Liz - March 9

I am glad I found your question. I didn't have to make that decision w. 1st as I was 29. That was 7 years ago! I am not sure either. I'd probably lean toward yes since alot of friends have had it done and it's eased their minds. Either way Great luck!


BBK - March 9

I'm surpised the doctor did not have you go through genetic counseling first. The counselors will explain all the statistics and screening procedures available so then it's up to you to decide. Amniocentesis carries a half a percent of risk of miscarriage or fetal injury. We had it done and it went fine. The doctor was a specialist for amniocentesis, and it was virtually painless. AFP tests have a 29% false positive rate, and so they are virtually useless in my opinion and can cause anxiety for no good reason


to carol - March 9

the risk of m/c is minimal especially if you go to a specialist for amniocentesis. But as E said, if you are going to keep this baby regardless of any genetic defects then you may not wnat to put your self through the stress. Another reason to do the test is if you would rather be prepared for any problems that your baby may have. Keep in mind that through blood tests there are a lot of false positives but the amnio gives you a firm yes/no answer. Ask your Dr. for genetic counseling because they do give you a lot more information to go on to make this decision. A couple that i know had a 10% chance of genetic defects through the blood test and decided it's nit high enough to do the amnio and they were not at all prepared for a baby with problems. They now wish they had done the test when they had the chace. good luck.


Marie - March 25

chances of miscarriage are between 1/200 to 1/400 depending upon the experience of the person performing the procedure. I am 16wks, in my 2nd pregnancy, and even though I am considered high risk(i have a brother and sister both with Downs Syndrome), I did not have this procedure done in my 1st pregnancy and nor will I in this pregnancy. I respect that doctors must offer this, but will not be pushed into it. I've done my research, and simply do not feel comfortable to allow a procedure that could harm my baby. Just remember no matter how educated Dr's are not Gods, I know a woman, who aborted the pregnancy after amnio results, only to find out later there was nothing wrong. Its not worth it, trust God. PS our first was perfectly healthy



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