Amniotic Fluid Levels

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Lynn - September 7

Is anyone else here around 37 weeks and had their amniotic fluid level measured? Today I was at 5 1/2 cm and last Monday I was at 7cm but the doc says that I am not leaking (although I think I am) so the fluid is going somewhere and not replacing itself..anyhow I am so worried b/c I read that if it goes below 5 cm there are risk involved for the baby..can anyone add any insight to this to ease my worried mind, the doc didnt say anything to ease my mind :(


Beth - September 7

I had a similar problom to yours. I went to my normal appt. and my doc said he thot I felt small, so he sent me in for an ultra sound. I was at 6 1/2, and I was not leaking..although I still don't know where it went. I went in for a stress test on the baby and she was fine. My doc. was going to have me induced several days later but I went into labor on my own, and she was a very healthy normal baby!!


Lynn - September 7

Thanks Beth for the quick reply, however, I am concerned b/c I am 37 weeks and my amniotic fluid is 5 1/2 and my membranes are not ruptured and I appear to be loosing/evaporating this lost fluid and the doc just acts like it would be an inconvience to do it (the c-section) and according to her 39 weeks is full term, on top of things I have Gestational Diabetes and the babys size and weight is fine so I dont understand why they just dont take the baby out now instead of running the risk of me loosing more fluid, because like I said I went from 7 to 5 1/2 since last Monday....Help!!!


miranda - September 7

I've heard of women drinking a lot of water and the levels come right back up, you could try that.


Ranya - September 8

How are the baby's movements? My fluid is low as well and that's the first thing my doc always asks me. I get the amniotic fluid checked every 2 weeks (I'm still 33 wks). The condition is called "oligohydramnios" if you would like to do a google search. I have also read that if you drink lots of water you can help replace some of the fluid. Good luck, you're almost there and I think that if your level further drops, you'll probably naturally go into labor.


rl - September 8

I have also heard and read about drinking lots of water so try that and good luck to you


Lynn - September 8

ty everyone for your responses I am going to see another doc in the morning ..I do drink lots of water, but I p it right back out so I dont know....also, someone mentioned that if my fluid drops anymore I would probably go into labor? Is that what happens when your water is really low or all gone?


Ranya - September 8

It's good you will go see another doctor in the morning, some doctors will induce if the amniotic fluid is between 5-8 cm. Getting a second opinion is better than worrying yourself sick! Good luck and please keep us posted *hugs*


N - September 8

i had the same problem while i was pregnant with my first.. the doctor told me that you are not really losing it, it's that the baby is growing larger, but your uterus isn't. The fluid is constantly 'cleaning' or refreshing itself, which is why they tell you to drink water.. the less fluid you have, the higher toxicity it can get when the baby urinates into it, drinking the water will help it replace itself more often, but may or may not help it produce more. She also said that as long as it's still in the range of normal, even at the lowest end of normal, it will have no effects on the baby, and because it's developing more towards the end of the pregnancy, missing many of the crutial developement stages, it also poses alot less risk of damage.. I was induced a few days before my due date, even though all my NST's came back fine. I am sure that you are getting excellent care because they have actually found out about this, and they will definately make sure no harm comes to your baby. My son was and still is, perfectly healthy and is growing great. Just get some rest and eat well, your beautiful baby will be here soon (i am so jealious, i still have 11 weeks) :)


Ranya - September 8 (just fyi)


Lynn - September 8

The website you gave me Ranya was wonderful, ty so much and I am so glad that I am seeing another doctor in the morning I will let you know what they tell me :0


Ranya - September 9

No problem Lynn, don't forget to tell your doctor all your worries and insist on getting answers from him, they have a weird way of making us feel ok during the visit (and shutting up) and then we get all worked up once we start driving home!!!!


Lynn - September 9

To Ranya and anyone else,lol...I went to the doc this morning and had another u/s done to measure my AFI (amniotic fluid index) and it is still measuring low, but not too low, it was 5.8 so the doc wants me to come back in on Monday, I am 37 fixing to be 38 weeks now and from the u/s Savannah is weighing at 7.4lbs and my placenta is fully mature (a 3 out of a possible 3) and she has got her head way down in position...also I mentioned to the doc that I had yesterday what I felt to be "period cramps" and she said that was good b/c that means my body is warming up and fixing to go into labor at anytime (YIPEEEEE) if I dont go next week on my own, they are going to take her next week since I am scheduled to have another c-section anyhow, but I will tell you what they say on Monday..ty again for all the wonderful advice over the last couple of days :)


Ranya - September 9

You sound so much better :) Congratulations, you're very close now, good luck!


me - September 9

just so you know, amniotic fluid IS urine and waste from the baby. It is also its food. The amount of amniotic fluid is also based on the baby's lung capacity. The chance is, if you have low amniotic fluid, your baby isnt recycling its waste as it should be. (eating and peeing). Same as if you have more fluid than normal. You can tell the baby's lungs are developing by the steady amount of amniotic fluid. Because when it practice breaths, it fills its lungs up with the fluid. at 37 weeks, your babys lungs should already be developed, but if fluids are getting low, chances are its not getting the proper amount of nutrients and stuff it needs to grow anymore. if you arent leaking, then I would be concerned where the fluid is going!



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