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Jen - October 12

I have been so angry the whole time I have been pregnant. At first I thought that it was because I had just quit smoking but now I know it cant be that because it has been so long and I am still angry. I get so mad at my boyfriend that I will punch him. I don't know what to do, will these feelings stop after I have the baby?


mk - October 12

that's called hormones, honey! and believe me, they can be a b___h. pardon my language. i spent my whole first pregnancy continually breaking up with and chewing out my then boyfriend. i don't know how he ever found the courage to stay with me, and ultimately marry me. anyway, it is normal. i would try to refrain from physical stuff. instead of punching him, have a pillow close by to take it out on. and actually, it may go away (or at least get better) before giving birth. if not, give the hormones a little time to wear off after giving birth. it will not last forever! good luck... and be nice to that man of yours. :)


E - October 12

Strangely, I have calmed down alot. I used to be a pistol years ago and found I was destroying the best relationship of my life. My hubby is really sensitive to my moods so I try to be careful around him. He actually has cried if I was mean. I know it is difficult when the hormones are out of whack and there is probably not much you can do. I suggest a ma__sage treatment or something to pamper yourself with that will help you to relax. Also, if there is someone of zero importance that you can "punch", I suggest giving it to them first. Maybe this will relieve some of the anger? Good luck dear:)


km - October 12

my bf and family doesn't understand that theres a lot more that goes with pregnancy than just gaining weight.It is always me who has to cater to their mood swings and make everyone happy and my life cannot slow down one bit no matter how c___ppy I feel.I feel like its always all about everyone else..My bf is always moody and he says I make him happy but he seems so cranky all the time unless hes out doing something he likes, or getting laid.I just feel like I haven't been able to enjoy my pregnancy at all..all they say when I am not feeling good is "pregnancy is not an illness" but then they have a little stuffy nose and you'll hear about it for three weeks im sure..They don't even really allow me to have cravings.. no one cares or offers to go to the store for me or anything. I'm sick of being the one to have to put up with their c___p all the time and I can't even get a 9 month doctor put me on bedrest for 2 wks..and they were still nagging at me to go pick up some milk, or clean my room!! I just feel really ignored :/



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