Another Question About Ovulation Kits

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Melissa G - October 5

So I've been doing them since Monday, and I'm on my second pack now and have been getting a negative on all of them, is it just too early and I haven't ovulated yet? I did an ovulation calculater and it said from the 6-11, so in a day or 2 will I see a postive?


kay101 - October 5

It's possible. What brand are you using? There is a brand called Answer that comes with a month supply of 20 test strips, that way you can test everyday without worrying about missing your surge with a regular 7 day test. Do you see a second line at all?


Tory1980 - October 7

Doing purely OPK's to pinpoint ovulation is useless for a lot of women. You also need to be temping in order to determine if you have actually released an egg or not and that is only confirmed through a shift in temperature. The OPK's only detect a surge of the hormone but that is usually 12-36hours before ovulation and if you are a woman who has a very short surge you may miss it if you don't test more than once a day. The Ovulation predictors go by you average cycle lengths. If your cycles are irregular then those predictors are completely useless. You may see a positive in a few days but you may not.


Melissa G - October 7

Well I'm taking the Answer one's from Wal-Mart and this morning I took one and thought I saw a really faint line.


Melissa G - October 8

Well I took it again this morning and the line that I was talking about yesterday was a little darker than yesterday, but not as dark as the other line. We've been doing it every other night so hopefully we'll get pregnant! Wish us luck!


travissgrl06 - October 8

I used the same tests from walmart and got a pos the day the ovulation calender told me i would ovulate..... but i have a semi regular period.... but good luck to you hopefully you get a pos on one in the next couple days!!!


Melissa G - October 8

Hey Travissgrl06, I was reading one of the bulletins you posted did you find out if your pregnant yet? Good luck to you!



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