Another Queston About Quot Consuming Quot Before I Knew I Was Preg

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W. Elizabeth - March 11

I am OLD enough to know better (mid 30'). I have been trying for some time and have had way to many social occasions these last 3 weeks. I JUST found out I was preg. I am estatic but nervous that the wine and beer I drank will harm my unborn baby. I, of course won't have another during the preg. WHat do you think? I am feeling VERY guilty


tara - March 11

You and your baby will be fine. I was concerned about the same thing and my Dr tolled me that our body has a way of protecting the baby while you don't know you are pregnant. And since you are not going to drink anymore you don't have anything to worry about. Congratulations!


W. Elizabeth - March 11

Thanks Tara! I am just a nervous wreck! I like to have fu but NOT at the expense of an unboen child! Ps LOVE your name!


KM - March 11

the general rule, is don't worry about the things you did before you knew. your anxiety is more harmful than a indulging in a few. If something is going to happen, it will happen regardless, worrying won't change a thing :o) This may make you feel a bit at ease, The baby's gestational age is calculated from the first day of your LMP, but u don't actually get pregnant till roughly 14 days after that. Also, it takes the baby about 3 wks to implant itself, until then it is only recieving a very small percentage of what you take in. Also, your body has a way of cleansing itself, it the damage was that bad in early pregnancy, you would probably miscarry is what my doctor told me. It may also be rea__suring to know that they don't yet know the safe amount of alchol. FAS, is most often found in babies who were born to alcholic mothers, or mothers who drank regularly throughout the whole pregnancy, not mothers who unknowingly had a couple drinks.(not saying it is impossible) but 5 drinks could be safe, they really don't know, that is why its better safe than sorry., But don't worry about before. Sorry such a long post, but I have been there too and spent my whole pregnancy feeling guilty and scared, just wanted to share with you what I was told because it put my mind at ease a bit.


W. Elizabeth - March 12

Thanks KM!


KM - March 12

Anytime. btw, I drank quite a bit before I knew I was pregnant, and I didn't find out until 7 wks. So far my son is totally healthy.



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