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klm - September 25

For all of you who are having little boys and having a hard time deciding about circ_mcision (like me), here is some food for thought, I found this arcticle very interesting. You can read the entire story on CAPE TOWN, South Africa - A South African AIDS expert Saturday advocated male circ_mcision as the best available "vaccine" against the virus in his country, where an estimated 6 million people are infected and more than 600 people die every day. Francois Venter told a congress of health activists in the Treatment Action Campaign that a recent survey in the Soweto township indicated that circ_mcised men were 65 percent less likely to contract AIDS than those who had not been circ_mcised. "We dream of a vaccine which has this efficacy," said Venter, clinical director of the Reproductive Health and HIV Research at the University of Witwatersrand. "The results are phenomenal." The association between circ_mcision and a reduced risk of HIV was noted as early as 1987, when Dr. William Cameron of the University of Manitoba in Canada reported findings from a study in Kenya. Some researchers in early studies have said they believe cells in the foreskin may be particularly susceptible to infection.


enough already - September 26

please stop trying to start another anti/pro-circ_mcision forum. of course in a place like Africa there will be issues like this.


HH - September 26

Klm, I thought this was interesting! Thanks for sharing.


Jeriah - September 26

I rather teach my son about safe s_x.


Ranya - September 26

To "enough already" uh, excuse me, but what exactly do you mean by "of course in a place like Africa there will be issues like this"? Klm, thanks for sharing!


oh my - September 26

nope i ain't doing that to my husband is not circ_mcised nor will my long as you have a healthy,clean, smart child they will learn to have safe s_x and this won't be an issue... i don't agree with what "enough already" said, it sounded a bit racist to me.....


klm - September 26

This was not intended as a pro-circ_mcision post, I am still deciding what will be best for my little guy. I have been doing a lot of research & I just thought it was very interesting, especially because AIDS will be an even bigger problem in the future. I had no idea that it could cut down the risk so much!


to Ranya - September 26

"enough already" might be talking about the growing HIV/AIDs epidemic in Africa.


Marlene - September 26

klm i thought that was very useful for anybody who is still deciding


mel - September 26

I also found it interesting. I faced this decision with my first son, and chose to do it, and now I am pg again and already worrying about it. I hate to do it, it seems so cruel in a way. The doc's told me that the skin has to be pulled back and cleaned if they aren't circ_mcized, so that is what made me ultimately decide to circ_mcize, not that I wouldn't make sure my son was clean anyway, but it seems a bit too much for me to have to do that to my son, I just couldn't. Anyone else have to do that or heard that?


enough already - September 27

No, I certainly wasn't being racist, as "to Ranya" said, I was talking about the epidemic in Africa, as well as the fact that being pretty much a 3rd world continent, having a significant shortage of water for hygiene purposes, and a lack of knowledge about safe s_x makes this a study not so relevant to more developed countries. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I have just seen what these threads can turn into. Klm, I wasn't trying to imply that you deliberately wanted to start arguments, or that you are pro-circ, you stated you were undecided, it's just that with this topic arguments seem to start on their own somehow. The study IS interesting, but I also know it is the kind of thing that can be used as propoganda by pro-circ_mcisioners (if that's what you call them, lol) just as erectile dysfunction, etc are used by anti-circs. Guess I just didn't want to see another thread dissolve into chaos. Sorry, I was having a hormonal day when I read it.


enough already - September 27

Mel, the foreskin doesn't naturally seperate itself from the tip of the p___s for a couple of years, that's when you would have to pull it back to clean beneath it and teach your boy the importance of keeping it clean. Prematurely and forcefully detatching it has been attributed to a large percentage of infections in uncirc_mcized boys and men. If it is left intact until it comes away naturally, it cleans itself, kinda like our inside bits are designed to do. So, your boy would be a bit older when you had to clean it for him, and that might be a bit awkward for you.


Lisa - September 27

If I have a boy at all he is getting circ_msized...


sarah - September 27

africa is a terrible place for aids, where all they do is have s_x time after time after time after time, they all have six and seven kids, beg for food all the time, and spread disease, the women should have there tubes tied, look after the kids they have got, and there world will get better for them, but no all they do is ask for had outs and continue to reproduce, i feel very strongly on this matter, im not a racist person at all, but im sick and tired of seeing it on the telly about them been hungry and ill, there not to ill to be having s_x and spreading aids everywhere, if you plan to live over there with your baby then fair enough get it done, if not just make sure he knows about safe s_x,


To sarah - September 27

you sure sound like an ignorant, racist person. In fact, I think the world would be better off if you stop procreating. Go have YOUR tubes tied.


Bonnie - September 27

I just read an article in a pregnancy magazine that says while circ_mcision can help prevent AIDS, the percentage is extremely small, certainly not 65%. After reading both (don't you just love conflicting articles?) I would tend to believe the magazine more. I don't see how a bit of foreskin is gonna protect someone from AIDS by that much. But either way, it's a choice everyone has to make. I had once wanted it done, I's been pretty standard in the US and up until I met my hubby (who is British) I never considered not doing it. I certainly didn't want him being different in the locker room. But the more I think about it, I can't justify that enough to do it. My hubby is horrified of course at the thought and after we have discussed it together, I just can't give a good enough reason other than "it's what I'm used to, because we do that here", so I have decided not to. Just my own view though.


To Sarah - September 27

Please do not start your thread by saying "I aint ingnorant".



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