Another View On Circumcision

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ASA - June 30

I have been reading some different comments about circ_mcision and I am in awe about how judgemental some are. I may be having a son in January, but I may not find out until August/September. I am almost certain that I won't tell anyone because frankly it's a personal issue between my husband and I. Is there anyone out there, who is non-judgemental and won't try to throw medical journals at me. I do know how to read and if I wanted to know what was in a medical journal, I can pick one up myself and get that info. I just want to take a poll on how many did opposed to how many didn't decide on a circ_mcision. A simple "I did" or "didn't" will be enough. Thanks.


? - June 30

The question is not very clear.


Tulip - June 30

Just answer- did you circ_mcize or not circ_msize?- I think that's what she wants to know. (I haven't faced that decision.)


ASA - June 30

That's right. Did you or didn't you is the question. Even thought you haven't faced it yet, thanks for clearing that up, Tulip. I was just so bothered by the other forum questions an answers that I read I guess i didn't proofread mine well enough.


JenniferB - June 30

I did


Kaz - June 30

I couldn't do it. Of course there are medical reasons for doing it though.


Pissed off! - June 30



CC - June 30

Then don't respond. I did.


HP - June 30

I'm gonna have it done for my son.


ASA - June 30

Thank you for your responses. I decided to do my own research and poll to see what I came up with. I will share what I have with my husband.


what? - June 30

So you prefer a poll, vs some actual medical knowledge that a journal can provide? How ridiculous is that? I will judge you for that, not for what you decide about circ_mcision.


To What? - June 30

I don't think she cares what you think about her. You are completely un-connected to her in every way, your judging only proves you to be a rude person.


j - June 30

I did and my son was 1 year old at the time.No problems will do again for my next son.I do not think anyone has right to judge you if u circ_msize or not.I was also very upset reading other people answers this is not a court to judge people,we are all here to help not make trouble.


Lynn - June 30

I haven't but I will if this baby turns out to be a boy.


KrisD - June 30

My husband and I have decided to have it done for our son.


-m - June 30

I'm having a girl this time, but if I have a boy in the future I will.


KLM - June 30

We will.



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