Anovulation Medication

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Curious - November 21

After coming off the pill in August I have not had my period. I went to the doc. and she took my blood to test for thyroid problems, but she said she doubts I have any. She believes that I am just not ovulating and therefore I don't get my period. So, I told her we want to ttc and she said after they get my blood test results back if everything looks OK with thyroid and such she will give me provera to induce my pd. Then, If I don't get another period by January she will give my Provera again and then "medication that will help you ovulate" Is that CLOMID??? She didn't say specifically and I didn't ask..She said she can't see me having a problem concieving. Has anyone else had this problem of anovulation and were you given clomid or something else????? Did it work?? THANKS =)


sandra - November 22

hi, i did not have a period for 5 months after coming off the pill. doctor wasnt keen to put me on anything as she said it would probably return naturally. I have started taking a herbal supplement callled Vitex. I have been taking it two cycles and have had two periods so hopefully i will start ovulating again. It has a great success rate - you could give that a go.


Curious - November 23

Thanks Sandra. I did get my blood tests results and everything looks normal with the thyroid she did call me in a prescription of Prometrium and I did start taking it last night. I'll be taking this for 10 days and then if no af by January then we'll see if we'll repeat the prometrium and then I think Clomid to make me ovulate. I'll be out of the country from 12/29-1/11 so I have to wait until the 12th to get more prometrium if I need it so we can get started ttc!! I hope I ovulate this cycle.


sandra - November 25

i have been using a saliva microscope to predict ovulation so hoping that this will be THE month. My doc says that the pill can take a while to get out your system but i have friends that came off pill and were pregnant within a month so it must just depend on each individual i suppose. Good luck



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