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curious - April 25

why is it so difficult to get an answer to questions on this board? its like unless your someone who has people on here who know you or who you know on here than you just cant get any answers......why?


jo - April 25

ha..i don't know but i'd hate for this question to be ignored are right a lot of people seem to just read posts and ignore them, who knows why, especially if it's a fairly simple question.


Maddie - April 25

I don't know anyone on this board (Hi, my name is Maddie) but my questions seem to get answered. I know that I answer questions that I am particularly interested in, and if I don't know the answers to them...I don't answer. I guess we could treat it more like a chat room though, kind of responding to all questions, just to show that we care about each other's questions. The one's I don't like to even open are the one's that say..."Am I pregnant?" Only because I'm already preg. and I know that all I had to do was take a test, there wasn't much to it. Another thing that a lot of women fail to do to a simple question, is just 'Google' it for the answers. I like this forum because I can talk to real women who have gone through similar situations as I am, instead of reading websites that are written by doctors.


Maleficent - April 25

do you have a question???? there are alot of threads i don't even open. primarily the "omg, could i be pregnant?" and the abortion topics. this site gets alot of tolls too. dumb kids looking for attention. so i don't usually open the "eye catching" topics like "i'm 8 years old and having conjoined quintuplets".


leslie - April 25

I don't really know anyone in this board..I try to answer what I can and what I don't know the answer why even open my mouth...also like Maddie said why ask question that you can get a simple and fast answer on in the web?..I think that we all try..exept like I said we can't answer all the questions if we don't know the answer to...or sometimes we don't seem interested anymore because they seem to repeat over and over.


BBK - April 25

Some of the questions posted here, range from "I have no clue what they're asking" to right out "whacky". I try to answer any question (schedule permitting) I see that's right up my alley (physiology and biochem) since there is a lot if misinformation out there. I don't know a single soul here, but I find some of the info in this forum helpful to my computer-challenged wife. I avoid the "help for new dads" topic because it's full of women posting complains about their partners, and not much else. I don't know if this explains it, but in a nustshell, many of the questions are not asked right (too little info, vague, or strange).


jsdvikdf - April 25

Ok, so can someone help Nicole with her Cramps questions because I don't know the answer and I feel sorry for her that she hasn't got any response.


jsdvikdf - April 25



babyonboard - April 25

well..i often read things and don't reply just because i feel i can't say anything worthwhile. funny how the 'i'm actually a troll, aged 12 with my second batch of triplets' questions illicit far more response than genuine ones.As for information being widely available on the web, it is, but you have to trawl through a lot of nonsense to find it quite often, and many people aren't too experienced with the web or how to find what they are looking for. I also think a lot of people on here ask questions already knowing the facts published elsewhere, but are just looking for moral support and a sense of 'being in it together' .After all, any real concerns will be taken to, and addresed by, a medical proffesional, and anyone who relies on medical advice (other than 'go to e.r 'or 'see your doctor etc etc)from a forum is a fool.


jsdvikdf - April 25



jsdvikdf - April 25

Yes! Thank you. It is possible to receive answers, it's just that sometimes you have to beg.


BBK - April 25

babyonboard makes a good point. For example, the cramps question is a medical one since nicole indicated injury. Only her doc can address her concerns in a meaningful way.


babyonboard - April 25 anyone in the u.k call nhs direct on 0854 46 47..a 24 hour service...a nurse will give you very sound advice and pa__s you to a docotor if necessary, when i was scared of an ectopic preganancy they were my saviours, and they are also happy to answer anything, even what sems like the most trivial concern...people complain about the n.h.s in the country, but my gosh we have it lucky



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