Anti Depressants And Pregnancy

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kat2180 - October 5

I just found out that I am pregnant. This wasn't a planned pregnancy. I have been taking effexor for about 2 years now and I was reading online that it can cause complications for the baby. I stopped taking it about 3 days ago. I feel awful.. bad headaches, dizzy spells, panic attacks. I also take xanax too to sleep sometimes. I know I probably sound like a lunatic taking all these meds but I'm scared that I have harmed the baby. I am only 5 weeks. What do you guys think?


Tory1980 - October 5

My husband is on Effexor too and about to start on tablets to help him sleep. You are not a lunatic sweetheart but I would say whatever you do DON'T stop taking the medication without speaking to your doctor. It can cause more problems than solving stopping them cold turkey. You need to speak to your doctor to consider a change in medication if he feels it is necessary or to discuss changing your dose. No medication has been declared safe to take during a pregnancy - that has been told to me continuously throughout all my pregnancies and from top Consultants and Doctors. What the Doctor does at the time is weigh up the pro's versus the con's for taking medication. With anti-depressants you need to stay on them and I have known women to take then throughout their pregnancy (obviously they are carefully monitored) and had perfectly healthy babies. See your Doctor asap and congratulations!!!!


inuk-mama - October 5

i am 34 w and take celexa, i was taking effexor but got side effects since becomng pregnant. Don't stop unless you talk to your dr. Ther emay be more benefits than risks if you stay on them


kitten420 - October 5

I used to take xanax too you have to stop you need to take 5 days to detox off that and the effexor will cause abnormalties and more. I take wellbutrin for depression and it helps out alot. the xanax you cant do anything about until after you give birth. but please try the wellbutrin you will feel 10 times better.


kitten420 - October 5

Oh and if you are only 5 weeks your baby is fine



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