Antidepressants During Pregnancy

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baby4 - January 19

I have been treated for depression for many years now, but have gone off my meds when I found out I was expecting. I am about 3 and a half mos pregnant and am not doing so well. I am trying to find out if it would be safe for my baby if I were to go back on my meds. If anyone out there has had any kind of experience with taking antidepressants while pregnant, please share with my your opinion of whether it is safe for the baby. I don't want to hurt my baby, but I am not doing so well right now. Thanks


cynthia3 - January 19

There are no antidepressants that have been deemed "safe" in pregnancy - some might be but there are no studies out there who've used pregnant women as guinea pigs in this way. Most of what is out there is anectodal or from reports of women who did use in pregnancy and were interviewed later. That said, prozac is the most widely used in pregnant women and birth defects attributed to the drug are very rare. I took it the entire 9 months of my pregnancy and while b___st feeding and my son is perfect. No one knows, however, if there are long-term effects for the kids of prozac moms. Other meds, I know nothing about. You should talk to your doctor: if the benefits outweigh the small risks, then you should help yourself get better. My opinion is that you can't have a healthy pregnancy if you're not healthy yourself and you could be a wreck by the time baby comes and you have to deal with a newborn. Definitely, don't just wait it out, talk to your doctor.


baby4 - January 20

Thanks for your quick answer, my doc says prozac would be okay during pregnancy and I had used that med anyway before so I know how it will affect me rather than try something different. I've just heard about the baby having withdrawl symptoms and seizures and pphn, that has scared me to death, though my doc said most women end up not having any neg effects such as you had. I feel better hearing it from a mom who experienced it rather than a study.



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