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Mel - April 22

Hi how is everyone? I need some comfort and some answers to a question that I have. I am 19 yrs. old and 7 wks pregnant with my first child. I have been on Paxil since 7th grade for panic/anxiety/stress. I am much better now in terms of handling attacks and such, but I am really freaking out about labor (even though it's far away!) Im scare that I will go into an attack or something and not be able to breathe. Does anyone else have this problem? And can they give me something to calm me? This is all I can think about lately and it's really stressing me out!


Karen - April 22

Your not alone I am 28 with my first and try not to think about that. I have actually been in the delivery room with my sister when she was having her baby, so I have an idea of what to expect. I would suggest that you just relax for now. My doc told me not to worry myself about those things. I sure your going to be find. I think it is only natural to think about those. Your body is preparing each day for the big day and when the time comes you will know what to do, it will come natural. Trust me. My sister was 17 and did very well.


Mel - April 22

Thanks so much for that answer, it really calms me to talk to other people about this. i am a very stressed out person when it comes to not feeling well, and im just worrying myself sick about this!


To Mel from lily - April 22

Hi sweety , im 22 years old and 10 weeks i have been suffering from panick attack for 3 years since i had my first baby and i was also n paxil for 3 years and now ofcourse i cant take the medication but i still have my panick attacks and they are really bad my heart beat actually goes up to 180 bpm which is a lot i get to the point that i cant even breath, i 'm also a little scare about labor and a panick attack but i know god is not going to let nothing bad happen to us i have gotten a bit better actually ican controll them more that i have been talking to peolple that have my same problem if it helps to talk about it you can always e-mail me to [email protected], ill be happy to help u as much as i can. good luck


Mel - April 22

Lily, thank you for being so caring...I really hope things turn out well. Also, I just wrote you an email and was thinking maybe we could talk more..thanks so much. i really appreciate everything.


Heidi - April 22

I suffer from panic attacks too. They suck. I don't take anything for them though. Basically my doc was real blunt with me. I asked what would happen if I pa__sed out from one because I've almost blacked out when having them. He said nothing will happen. You'll black out and come back to and usually be fine. He said when I start to have them to breath in a paper bag. Yeah like I have them with in the mall!!! But sometimes when I get them I will just breath into the cuff of my jacket in and out of my nose. This helps because you're basically hyperventilating and getting too much CO2 or something like that. I've tried it and it works and nobody notices what I'm doing really. I only get panic attacks when I'm in big public places with a lot of people so I'm not worry about the labor part. I figure I'll be doing so much breathing that if I pa__s out it might be a relief!


mel - April 22

heidi, yeah it probably would be relief to pa__s out, heh. im just so scared. sucks to have panic/anxiety doesnt it? it takes over your whole life sometimes.


Truth - April 22

That is something that you should be asking your doctor


Mel - April 22

Truth, what should I ask my doctor?


babydoll - April 22

I used to have the worst anxiety problems...I could not even leave my house, drive a car, work....all I could do was lay around, have attacks, and freak out thinking I was dying all the time. I was a nut case. Though everyone is different, I found that taking paxil and xanax only made my symptoms worse. i stopped taking meds, cut caffiene, cigarettes and alcohol out of my life, (caffeine, chocolate, ciggarettes and alcohol all help cause anxiety and they speed up heart rates substantially) I began prayer, exercise and yoga....and I am completley attack free and have been for 3-4 years. I also recommend checking out books on relaxation, taking warm baths, prayer, getting ma__sages and drinking chamomile tea. I definitley recommend yoga tho, and I know that you can buy books on yoga for pregnancy. Yoga teaches many beneficial breathing techniques. Its all about bettering youself, whether you have anxiety or not. Diet and exercise play an important role in it all. Also cutting the factors out of your life that cause you direct anxiety. I have had these same fears for pregnancy...attacks during labor and all. Just remember the fear is all in your head...exhale longer than you inhale. it takes time but you WILL gain control. I promise.


babydoll - April 22

feel free to email me for any questions/support. [email protected]


to heidi - April 22

hey you know is funny because my doctor told me to do the same thing with the paper bag and it also helps me but my attack are whem i'm alone, this really sucks i sometimes fell that i cant live like this nomore i cant have a normal life but i cant losse faith in god with out him it would be a lot harder. good girls


Mel - April 22

Yeah...I understand what everyone on here is feeling with panic attacks. It's like..i feel way too young to be so stressed and filled with anxiety. I think that we will all make it through our pregnancies, too, its just that it takes a little extra relaxation for us. If anyone wants to [email protected] Feel free...i really need someone to talk to who has anxiety/panic like i do and is worried about pregnancy/labor.



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