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Gaz - September 3

Hi all, My girlfriend of five years is expecting our first child. I'm 22 she's 23 and we are really excited but last night she went to the hospital and because she had some pains and they said it was the start of labour. They sent her home and the contractions stopped. we got home and went to bed expecting to be goin back to the hospital but nothing happened. The midwife said it may happen but I just want to know how long we may have to wait before it starts again. Thank you to all who answer


mechelle - September 4

how far along is she?


been there done that - September 4

I'm only here because I think it's a relief to here that you've been together for 5 years and you are great ages to have a family ... what I call perfect ! Labour is hardly ever sudden to the point of birth so don't worry contractions begin and subside . These pains are called contractions and get closer and closer together , when they are about 30 minutes apart you could cla__sify that as having a baby soon although some midwives and hospitals push you to the brink of 7min. apart . You are anxious because you don't know what's going on and your gf feels pain and you don't want her to feel pain ... I wish you would have attended prenatal cla__ses so that you know what's going on so first RELAX ! when your gf can't sit , can't lay down , can't sleep , can't stand can't do anything she will be walking around holding her side and puffing and standing up pausing to lean on a chair or table with her free hand . At 4 hour contractions things will become hard for her and between 30 min and 1 hour contractions she will become troubled and worn out . Get pushy with the midwife if you need to because she won't come unless shes sure because she could run over for a false alarm and spend half a day or longer needlessly . Two things you should watch for are water breaking and dialation I could go on and on but try to remember these things 1. Don't be the preg women panicing because she's the one who as the excuse to do so . 2. Call the midwife or head to the hospital . 3 Get everything she wants rub her back and let her swear or punch you . 4 Get your a__s back here when it's all over and tell us how things went .... don't forget to say whether it's a boy or girl and how much it weighs . Don't worry we all know how tired you'll both be and don't forget women are built to handle it better than men even though she's doing all the work . So don't be ashamed that you may be more tired than her .


gaz - September 4

well we went to the hospital again today as she had contractions that were five minutes apart but they said that her cervix was not dialited yet but was softening or brewing or ripening or whatever it was but shes still at home waiting. the contractions are about 45 seconds long and come about every 5 minutes or so. I guess i'm here cos i.m anxios about it all. funny thing is she aint at all bothered about going into labour but we just want the baby to come soon. how long do you think we will have to wait? Days? weeks?? minutes hopfully lol. thanx


Today - September 4

day max but I'm leaning more toward between 4 and 6 this afternoon


to Gaz - September 4

actually I think this is a play by play and you'll have the baby by noon



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