Any1 Accidentally Call Husband Dh To His Face

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dw - August 5

I use this so much on here, i catch myself almost calling him DH in public. DORK!!


? - August 5

I'm the DORK what does DH mean???


Dork - August 5

It means darling husband but at times could mean d__n husband


E - August 5

"Dear Husband" and yes, I am very guilty of that. So many times I have caught myself just before calling him DH to others.


E - August 5

Oh its darling? I guess it could be any old "d" word for that matter:)


Dork - August 5

when your wife is the same age and can't find you and she's hollering daddy ! ! ! in Walmart along with the boys I suppose it makes me feel old and I'm only 384 yrs young .... at least she doesn't call me dork .... I hope ?


Carol - August 5

Shows how much I know. I had guessed that DH meant Daddy/Husband as opposed to Daddy/Boyfriend or Daddy/Lover. You hear so many people now-a-days refering to the father as Baby's Daddy. - August 5

I always thought it meant Dear Husband. I don't do the DH thing but I have actually said LOL outloud.


with - August 6

baby.ksh don't know how many times i have said lol to people. but i am a long time chat head b4 finding this site, so it was quite common to talk about "chat buddies" like we lived next door.


to with - August 6

I'm guilty of the "lol" too.


Ranya - August 7

Since we are on abbreviations, what's AF, I know it signifies one's menses, but I can't figure out what it stands for!


To Ranya - August 7

AF stands for aunt flo which means your period/monthly.


B - August 7

Seriously spend entirely too much time on the internet. This world is gorgeous-enjoy it, instead of staying cooped up on the computer. Im not trying to be mean or negative, I just feel like this should be an indication to get out, do more!


Agrees With B ! - August 7

This is supposed to be a pregnancy forum.


To agreed with B and B - August 7

Try living in 98 degree's weather. You don't want to go outside to get heatstroke. Maybe that is a reason why people hang out on the internet. What is your excuse. You posted to them also so it must mean you are hanging out on the internet too HAHA got ya fool


S - August 7

What she said.


B - August 7

I do live in 98 degrees weather & with the heat index it has been over 100. I was not trying to be rude (even tried to tell you that) but I knew you people would turn it around as if I were on your case. I NEVER said "dont get on the internet"- I am absolutely guilty of browsing around my computer. All i said was that it appears as though you were on TOO much b/c you use computer lingo in everyday conversation. SO...that is my response. What is yours?



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