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ashb45 - September 10

Hi everyone! I'm new to all of this pregnancy stuff and I'm just trying to get some input =] Alright. I researched and figured out all of this AFTER the but this is what i have gathered, and some of my symptoms. My last period was August 16th...I looked up my ovulation days, and it said i am fertile starting the 23rd of august, and my likely day to ovulate is the 30th. My period cycle is very regular. My boyfriend is a marine so I rarely can spend time with you know what we were doing =] He got here the 23rd..we had s_x basically every day till september 2nd using the withdrawal method. We would be happy if I was pregnant so this is not an issue. -the very first thing i noticed was a stuffy nose i had for 2 days then it stopped.. -I did not notice anything else weird until september 5th,6th, and 7th..I had these burning type twinges/cramps in my abdomen..very different than i have ever felt with period cramps. I also was veryyyy nauseaus on and off these 3 days..which NEVER happens. After those 3 days the twinges and nausea stopped completely. -I also started getting headaches and burning kind of in my nose..maybe sinus problems..but idk i dont get stuff like that ever.. -my sleeping pattern was i was either suffering from insomnia all night..or i was extremely tired during the day. -I only have slight br___t pain on the sides. -and the only other thing is i am peeing SO much..i already pee alot and now it just seems like alot more. -I have taken one preg test a few day but it was negative. what do you guys think =] it in my head? thank you ahead of time for ur help!! ↓


Grandpa Viv - September 11

It sounds promising. Withdrawal is not a method. Take a test next Saturday using first morning pee, and another a week later if still in doubt. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins. Good luck!


ashb45 - September 11

lol you are absolutely right it is not a method. thanks for the advice =]


MelissaP - September 12

You are on the same cycle as me. My lmp was Aug 16th. I too am waiting for af-or not. My husband and I had s_x cycle day 15, 16, and 18. Fertilityfriend says I ovulated cd 16. I have not had any of your poss symptoms, though they sound promising. I have just had increased appet_te, sore lower back, sensitive nipples, bloated, and moody as hell. I think mine is pms though. I am waiting for af to start any time now. I will only test if I make it past the weekend with no af. Good luck!



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