Any Chance Of Pregnancy

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colettejane - June 13

Hi I got my implanon rod removed from my arm last week so that I can try to conceive. I got chlamydia last year from my cheating partner but got that treated and cleared up thank god. Then I got ovarian cysts and constant pain for 7 months then they finally did laparoscopy to discover that I had endometriosis which they removed. My gynae told me that my chances of getting pregnant are extremly slim maybe even impossible but if nothing happens after a year then maybe go for IVF treatment. My endometriosis pain is coming back already so time is really again me. Any idea how fast I might get pregnant as It took me 5 mths on baby nearly 3 years ago before I got all these problems or any advice would be most welcome?


hopeful24 - June 13

Hi, I have endometriosis and I got pregnant with my first child within three months of trying. I am currently pregnant with my second and we were not even trying. I was also told that I would have trouble conceiving, but that hasn't been the case. Why are they saying it is impossible? Best of luck to you!!


colettejane - June 20

hopeful24 - Thanks that gives me some hope and best luck with your pregnancy. My doctors had been treating me for months for a bacterial infection and they couldnt understand why it wasnt clearing up, it was only when my partner of 7 years admitted that he cheated that the doctor did the swabs and other test to see had a STI, which came up positive for chlamydia but that test took nearly a month to come back. Because of the constant infection and months of the wrong treatment i was scarred a lot internally. Then they said the pain I was getting was from this until I collapsed and they did a laparoscopy to discover that I also had the endometriosis which I hadnot got treated for. I also got a lot of adhesions from my appendix scar, my c-section and will now probably get from the lap surgery. My last pregnancy was troublesome from 6 wks with bad kidney infections which led to constant kidney medication from 5 mths pregnancy as infections kept setting off early labour and was told if I did get pregnant again to expect this problem again.



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