Any Fathers Want To Give This Father Be Some Advice

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JLorenzo - March 10

Hi, My wife is due to have our first child in May. While I am exstatic for the event, lately I have been having anxiety and stress. It has interfered with my sleep. I am having dry mouth, frequent urination, rapid heartbeat etc. All of this is occuring when I settle down to sleep. I guess it is just the realization of what is coming...I worry about labor (my wife has gestational diabetes), I worry about our baby being healthy...etc. Any advice any dads can give me, if they even read this forum?


~m~ - March 10

I am a mom, but I'll tell you that my hubby was really nervous too. He had watched those Birth Story shows with me so he could see a c-section since that's what I was having. Also, we were told that there was a good chance our baby would be Downs. We didn't opt for the amnio because what's the point? We'd love it no matter what, so we just decided we'd find out on his birthday.We were both nervous about that. He was scared that they would hurt me because on TV a C looks so invasive and harsh. He was so nervous he was shaking when it was time to wheel me in the OR. He cried as they were pulling the baby out. And when the baby started to cry, and when we knew he was healthy, and was not "physically/mentally challenged", all of those fears and nerves flew out the window and in came the joy and love! Don't get me wrong, we would have loved the baby no matter what. I'm just saying that when that first cry breaks the silence, it is sheer adrenaline. True happiness! Don't worry, as soon as that baby gets here and the hard part is over, you'll forget all about this fear! Chances are, your wife is having the same anxiety and stress... so now is the time to just hold one another and anticipate the birth of a healthy baby who will make your lives complete! Best of luck to you both! I am so glad to see a man on here so concerned for his wife and baby!


I am a Mom too - March 10

From the minute my hub found out I was preg (it was planned) he slept walk, talked in his sleep and was a nervous wreck. I think you are COMPLETELY normal. It's a huge change. Do they have a "new dad's boot camp" near you? I had trouble sleeping before my daughter was born and it made me crazy everytime someone would say "sleep now since you won't after the baby is born." It is a wonderful experience and I wish you and your wife the best. Try to relax and clear your mind at bedtime!


JLorenzo - March 10

Thanks to you both! I just want my wife and baby to be okay. I think alot of the time, the man gets pushed aside in these situations. I am not saying that isn't okay. I mean, the women has to go through the majority of the changes. But the man has his things too and sometimes it is just good to talk it out. I love my wife and when my baby kicks, there is no feeling that is better. Thanks again! Nice to know people out there care!


BBK - March 10

JLorenzo, congratulations! I worry about those things, exactly. But....veteran parents tell me it's a lot easier when the kid is still in the belly, and to relax coz I'll drive myself crazier after the child is born and when the child is growing up. Apparently, I'm told, the worries will only multiply and I better take it easy and let nature take its course.......easier said than done! I also love to feel the baby kicks and try to guess the bodypart. You'll be a good dad, I know it!


SugarPie - March 10

This may sound seriously rude, but it isn't ... There's a couple of great books that you might want to read one of which is : B___d on the Couch, which is a fabulous book. There's a compilation of essays written by dozens of men on a myriad of topics dealing with pregnancy, child birth and life after delivery. I think this might help put your mind at ease. Congrats and much love******


SugarPie - March 10

Goodness. I'm so tired. I got the description mixed up with another fabby book which is "The New FAther" A Dad's Guide to the First Year. It's by Armin A. Brott and well.. it is indeed fabby. Sorry about the confusion. Much love***



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