Any Great Boy Names That Begin With L

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Tarrieh - December 20

Hi! I am pregnant with my second son. My first son's name is Logan and would like to name the next with a name that begins with L!! Any suggestions???


t - December 20

I named my youngest son Liam. Everybody is always telling me what a neat name he has (hopefully he'll agree!). It's the Irish form of William.


Lori - December 20

I agree with T. Liam is my favorite pick


F R I E N D - December 20

Luke, Larry, Lawrence, Lewis, Lucas, Lenard, Leonard, Leo


t - December 20

why, thank you, Lori! It took me ages to get my husband to agree to it, but it was WAY better than Albert (which is now his middle name, had to copromise somewhere,lol!)


susan - December 20

Lance, lochlin, leaf (I new one in highschool he was a babe)


Tarrieh - December 21

Thanks! There are a few names in there that I had never heard of, but like!! Hopefully hubby will agree (you know how guys are)!!!


KN - December 21

There are brothers where I live, one is named Logan, the other is Landon. They go really well together.


Sammi Jo - December 21

I like the name Landon


34wks - December 22

I was thinking Landon too... and it sounds really good Logan and Landon... to bad mine already has a name :)


michelle - December 22

Leighton,Lewis.Lukas and I like landon its not awful


$weetne$$ - December 22



Tarrieh - December 22

This is great! I hadn't even thought of some of these names! Wonderful!!


Alicia - December 22



kate - December 22

Some have listed very good suggestions but I would avoid Liam as your son will be one of thousands that already have this name.It is way over-used.Luther, Lex, Lloyd, Latimer, Leo, Lorne, Lowell.


t - December 22

Wait a sec....thousands? Not only haven't I met ONE Liam but everybody I do meet asks me where I got the name from, if they don't mispronounce it first. I'm going to check this out...


t - December 22

3569 baby boys named Liam in 2003...the 115th most popular. Logan was #29 with over 13,000 baby boys named that in 2003. I know I tend to overreact, but overused? Hardly.



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