Any Help For Nausea

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nikki - June 29

i am approx 8 weeks pregnant. i am having some really bad nausea. i have tried crackers and its not helping. sometimes i feel that if i could throw up it would help but i don't. any suggestions for nausea?


Carmen - June 29

My friend used to eat crakers and tomatos, it worked for her


amber - June 29

i sip sierra mist or sprite and slowly munch on saltine crackers.... it should help


lex - June 29

With my son i was really sick i just found that a dry biscuit or toast worked im now 5 weeks pregnant with my second and haven't had any nausea yet!!!


Melissa - June 29

Ginger can be helpful. You can sip on ginger tea as needed throughout the day, or take 2 capsules 3 times a day. This can be found in health food stores. Also, B-complex vitamins can help, like vitamin B-6. Ask you doctor about the dosage for this vitamin during pregnancy. I sipped Raspberry Leaf tea. This is a wonderful herb during pregnancy. It strengthens your uterus to facilitate labor. It also helps some with morning sickness, and it tastes yummy! It may also help to eat small amounts throughout the day, keeping something in your stomach usually is very helpful. Also, before you even get out of bed in the morning, nibble on saltine crackers. This helped me, and it will raise your blood sugar to help you through the day. Good Luck and Congratulations!


Shelly - June 29

The protien in nuts is very helpful. I always carried some cashews or almonds in my purse, and ate them at the slightest hint of nausea. Refied beans also helped me, I use them with a soft flour tortilla at home. I also drank rasberry tea throughout my pregnancy. There is also a homeopathic remedy for nausea that I used when I wouldn't be able to use other methods.Check with your healthfood store for the name, I think it was Ipacaccia or something like that. Everything that Melissa and the others have mentioned can also be very helpful. However, I wouldn't recommend drinking any kind of soda as it can upset the calcium/phosphrus balance in your body. Hope you feel better soon..



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