Any Keep Their Belly Piercing

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Lana - April 3

Just wondering if anyone kept in their belly button piercing for the whole pregnancy and what the hole looked like after the baby was born. I am 7 weeks and i took mine out because i heard that it can be painfull and leave nasty marks. Is that true?


Stacey - April 3

Lana, I took mine out around the 4 month mark because it was getting caught on things. It looks pretty gross to me because its much darker. My guess is you'll eventually have to take it out.


lindsey - April 3

lana, they do make belly rings for pregnant women. They're awesome...they are longer and are comfortable to wear....I'll try to find the link and post it here. Btw, I did take mine out for my 1st preg, and my hole didn't grow shut! GL


Rachel - April 3

I had a cousin and friend who both kept theirs in the entire pregnancy and have had no troubles with it. I'm almost 22 weeks and thus far mines been fine. I think it depends on the individual.


levi - April 4

Hi ladies, i am now 26 weeks pregnant and still got mine in, i have had 4 babys already and knew when to take it out because as the skin started to stretch it got really painful, but as rachel said it depends on the individual.


darksun - April 4 Awesome products. New york based. I've got my belly b___ton double pierced so these are very cool. They bend every which way and they're soft as can be.


JB - April 4

After reading all of your posts I started missing my belly b___ton ring. I put it back in but now it's irritated. It's been so long since I had it first done I forgot what to clean it with. Can anyone help??


KellyB - April 4

Like Rachel, I am 22 weeks and mine is fine. I plan to just leave it unless it becomes a problem. If I take mine out it will close up within a day. JB: You can use Hyrdrogen Peroxide to keep it clean. I have a belly ring for 10 years and when ever it got irritated I used that and fixed it right away!


Jen - April 4

JB, it has been a while, but I think it was just Dial Anti Bactreial Soap, the liquid kind??? You could call a place that does peircing and ask them.


Stephanie - April 4

JB I recommend Bactine as the best product ever for belly rings.


Stacy - April 20

Question: I got my belly pierced 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. It still hasn't healed, and I'm around 5 wks, what should I do? I heard infection could be dangerous for the baby.


darksun - April 20

Stacy, is your piercing infected now? If it is, DO NOT under any circ_mstances, take the jewelry out unless your doc tells you to. I'm a piercer. If you take the jewelry out of an infected piercing, the ends of the hole will seal and trap the infection inside. It needs to heal first before you take it out. If it's really infected, see a doc. If it's not infected at all, I'd suggest you take it out. Depending on the person, the metal of the jewelry, and how well it was pierced, a belly piercing can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to heal fully. If you dont take it out now, your metal jewelry will push out of the hole due to the pressure from your expanding belly. If it were healed, I'd say change the metal jewelry to a biologically inert plastic barbell. I don't suggest changing to one now, because it's unknown if unhealed piercings respond well to plastic. Long story short, take it out if its not infected.


April - April 20

One of my doctors told me that I could keep it in if i got a flexible one... so I did... then another one of my doctors told me I should take it out because it rubs on your belly and can cause a PERMANENT brown line around your belly b___ton.... so it won't technically hurt anything if you leave it in... but you risk living with brown lines forever... i could see he was right though because i had a stretch mark starting around the belly ring... and since i took the ring out it's less red and looks a lot better... so i'm just gonna poke my belly ring through the hole every few days so it doesn't close up (i've had it for 2 years so it shouldn't)


~S~ - April 20

I took mine out well before I became pregnant because I didn't like it anymore and it started to leave a scar. I would have taken it out anyways if it was still there after I got pregnant. I think pregnant ladies with pierced bellies just look horrible and it's probably more prone to become irritated, infected and leave a huge scar. I don't think they look attractive on pregnant bellies anyways.


Mari - May 7

I am 15 weeks pregnant and I still wear my belly jewlery daily and I haven't had ANY problems or Brown marks... I was worried about it for awhile but I figure I'll leave it till it becomes a problem-


April - May 7

Mari... at 15 weeks that's a little early to be having problems with it anyway.... i didn't get stretchmarks on mine till around 22 weeks... then I took it out around 25 weeks cause it was getting ugly... haha... since i've taken it out though the stretchmarks don't look as red... it looks a lot better...


April - May 7

Actually no it was 27 weeks when I took it out cause I still had it in for my ultrasound at 25 weeks... haha... well either way... my doctor told me to take it out so i did...



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