Any Ladies Here From Newfoundland Canada

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dedaa - June 7

I was just curious to see how many live in Newfoundland, Canada. See how many of us are neighbours I live in Stepehnville anyone else from around here?


krista-lee - June 7

i am! i live in Corner Brook : ] ill be 42 weeks friday! how far along are you?


dedaa - June 7

Im not pregnant yet. That is pretty cool that there is someone else that is on this board from Newfoundland. You are going to be 42 weeks on friday you must be getting impatient I went over by a week it was hard. Is this your first? I have 2 already I have a 5 year old boy and a 7 month old boy.


Mandy - June 7

I dont live in NFLD but 90 percent of my dads side lives down there :).. have relatives on stepehnville and corner brook.. my fathers brother owns the insect place there in Deer lake.. Any of u2 know anyone with last name "Holloway"?


dedaa - June 8

No I don`t get out to much I cannot think of anyone off hand that I know with tha last name. Oh........I just got my BFP a few minutes GO SORRY MY BRAIN IS EVERYWHERE AT THE MOMENT.


KimS - June 8

Hey I don't live in Newfoundland any more, we lived there for 7 years in Mount Pearl, my husband is from Placentia Bay. I miss the rock!!!


KimS - June 8

and CONGRATS dedaa... I got mine a week ago.. I am due Feb 13...


Mandy - June 8

Congrats dedaa! Iam due Sept 10th.but iam having complacations right now so it might be sooner


dedaa - June 9

Hello ladies thanx alot. Wow mandy that is hopefully everything gets better and you will be able to make it close to your due date. i have not got a chance to go to anywhere further then Deer Lake really Im hoping to get to see some more of the island b4 we move . We are most likely going to be moving around x-mas to Quebec. I am not from here originally, I am from Oromoct, New Brunswick but my husband is in the RCMP so we are here for now. Where are you ladies living?


Newhoneybuns - June 9

I'm from New Brunswick too :) north west part which is close to Edmundston :)


Mandy - June 10

Iam currently living on Toronto ontario. Iam hopin that maybe in the next year or two out little family will be able to visit NFLD. Thanks dedaa. iam hopein to that the baby can hold off. Had to have injections for his lungs to be on safe side if he does decide to come early. Am on strict resctrictions and cant do much.but it will be all worth it =).This is my 1st baby so its been a experience.


dedaa - June 10

Awesome glad to hear things are going better for you Mandy. That little baby got to take it easy enjoy the warmth well he can.LOL. That is pretty neat Newhonybuns are you living aroung Grand falls? I like NB we just cam back from NB like a week ago. We went down to get married.


Newhoneybuns - June 10

No dedaa i'm near the quebec border. But i was born in Grand Falls and my mom is from Grand Falls too :)


Roary - June 10

I am not from Newfoundland, but I am from the maritimes. :)


dedaa - June 10

oh nice newhoneybuns that is not a bad area at all. I am kida hoping that if when we move to quebec that it will be close to the border so im not far from my family.Roary where are you living?



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