Any Marylanders Eating Steamed Crabs While Pregnant

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Liz - July 22

Have not eaten any yet but was looking forward to it before I found out I was pregnant. Am 14 weeks along and am trying to be careful about what I eat. Some say stay away from all seafood, others say eat whatever you like so long as it is cooked. Have not had steamed crabs for several years and really want some, we're having them at at Family Reunion this weekend. Any thoughts? Oh, and if anyone from Maryland or anywhere for that matter wants to exchange emails to keep in touch, I would be interested.


kl - July 22

i am from maryland but i have not had steamed crabs yet...i have had crab cakes and shrip, etc...i have been trying to stay away from fish but shellfish i thought was okay as long as it was cooked well.


~E~ - July 22

I am in Maryland. I have not had any steamed crabs since being pregnant. However, if I go over to someone's house or party and they have steamed crabs, you better believe I am having some... hahaha. The sad thing, I have to be careful coz I have had allergic reactions to crabs a few times (b4 pregnancy). I have had crab cakes and stuffed crab during pregnancy...yummy. Crabs seem like a favorite for pregnant women. From my understanding, crabs are safe to eat...enjoy!


Julz - July 22

I'm actually from PA, but were just in Ocean City a few weeks ago, and I couldn't resist getting some staemed crabs and a bowl of Phillips cream of crab soup.....mmmmm. I think the main thing that the docotrs are recommending that we limit our intake on is tuna, because of the high mercury levels, but I'm pretty sure crabs are fine.


HDF - July 23

I am 23 weeks and will be visiting my parents in Baltimore next month...I totally plan on eating any great seafood I can get my hands on. Especially steamed crabs. Fish and shellfish are both fine, as long as they're fully cooked (no sushi); as I understand it tuna, tilefish, and shark (a few other funky fish I've never heard of) you should eat in moderation because they have high levels of mercury. Other than that just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't eat fish...from what I understand you should eat fish while pregnant; primarily salmon (omega 3 fatty acids are great for little one). I would have at the crabs if I were you...making me hungry just thinking of it!!


JLorenzo - July 25

Liz, My wife and I are in Maryland. She ate steamed crabs twice over her pregnancy and the baby was fine. Our doctor said anything in moderation is probably okay.


Jessie V - July 25

I live in MD and have eaten steamed crabs. That has been one of my cravings. They do contain a high level of salt so you cound swell. But was fine.


Liz - July 26

Boy, were they good! Thanks everyone for the feedback. I was actually one of three pregnant ladies at the reunion and we all ate them. Love to have them again this summer but with those prices, may have to wait awhile!


JLorenzo - July 27

Liz, you aren't kidding about the prices! We will probably have some people over in September and get a bushel. Hopefully the prices will have dropped by then. If not, I may just raid the grocery store salad bar and steal the imitation crab meat!



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