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concerned and worried - August 6

hi ladies...i know that this is the general pregnancy forum...but i thought that i would ask anyways since most of you have already received a goes...i was wondering if any of you had 2 light periods before you found out that you were pregnant...i dont think that i am...BUT...i am having some weird signs and symptoms, and i am having a hard time thinking that there might be something wrong with my body...i am usually have 5-7 days of bleeding...the first 3-4 being heavy...and then last month and this month, i was 8 and 6 days late (i know not TOO late, but i am usually very regular) and my periods only lasted 4 days, and it was very light, to the point that on some days, i only had slight bleeding when i wiped. PLEASE let me know what you think...i am very worried, and i cant get into the doctor until the end of the month. i am not asking for any of you to tell me if i am pregnant or not, i am just asking if any of you went through this...and if anyone can give me thoughts on what they think. thank you so much, and congrats to all of you mommies to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!


concerned and worried - August 6

i guess that i should also mention that HPT's have been negative...which is another reason why i dont think that i am pregnant...but could it be possible that i am just one of those women who dont register HCG right away...and when i did find out that i was pregnant last time, i was about 6 weeks along already, and had a very normal heavy period, about 2 weeks before a test registered positive...sorry to slam you ladies with so much info...but i want to give you as much info as possible so that you can let me know your thoughts...again, thanks so much for all of your time!


DIDO - August 6

my wife and I just went through this and I didn't believe it but she did . we went through the ultrasound and the doctor was stumped too . this is about the end of feb , and her body has not gotten back to normal . she's such a good mom that I worry about cancer and all kinds of crazy things least to say that it was a little heartbreaking for her when all the signs were there . I should mention that she does a yearly test for cancer because with our first kiddo she had one of her kidneys removed at 24 weeks pregnant < cancerous>that was a very rare procedure . I'm not saying you would have anything wrong with you but you should see your doctor or go to a walkin clinic for a little piece of mind .


to dido - August 6

honestly i did go see my doctor, and (my PCP) she suggested that i see a psycyatrist (sp) for my stress levels...i am not kidding...i do have an appointment with the OBGYN at the end of the month, so i am hoping to get some answers at that point. i am confused though...was your wife in fact pregnant or was she not? i hope to hear back from you, and thank you so much for your response. i also hope that your wife is doing well.


Dido - August 6

yes my wife is doing well , she treated the fact of having cancer while pregnant with our son like it was nothing and no big deal . I carried all the worry and the operation was a success and we had a happy healthy boy . Imagine from a mans point of veiw that he could loose his wife and first child just that quickly . What a stress that was for me 5 years ago . The whole psychiatrist thing I call humbug on because I gathered as much knowledge as I could on postpartum depression and know that it is very real and not just some cheap labeling thing which everyone calls PMS . My wife is very strong and she even cried a little . My cure all was alot of pampering and ma__sages and being the best wife to my wife that I could be . She is so strong , easy going and care free she would have been fine without but because my mother was an emotional basket case of depression I didn't want to take that chance. She is the type which could have a bomb b__w up beside her and she would probably chuckle and say something like 'I'm glad it didn't hit me'


Dido - August 6

concerned and worried : I hope all is going well and that maybe others share their veiw here on your situation , there is nothing wrong with being concerned and posting to get some input wishes


concerned and worried - August 8

hi dido...thanks for checking in on me...i am still trying to decide if i should go to the doctor before my appointment, but i have a feeling that i am in fact not pregnant...which is fine, but i am just curious as to what is going on with my body. i do really appreciate you checking in on me, and all the advice that you have provided me with! take care, and best wishes to you and your wife as well.


stacey - August 9

I haad a weird/light period the cycle before I became pregnant, The dr. checked me for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome- which can cuase weird periods..



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