Any Of You Test With First Response Amp Had A Faint Pos Line

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star - December 30

Did any of you take a HPT before you knew for sure and get a faint pos. line? I tested with first response....


KN - December 30

I tested with a first response and I got a faint pos, then I tested a few days later and it was still very faint. I ended up with a mis at 6 weeks. Hope the line gets darker on your next test. Good luck.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 30

i tested with First Response and got 2 faint postives 4 days before my missed period. I also tested faint positive at the doctor one day past my missed period. I am now 13 weeks and have had 4 ultrasounds. So its a successful pregnancy no matter now faint the HPT...


LORENA - December 31



Shaa - December 31

When there is even a faint line, you can be pretty sure that your test is positive because it is detecting HCG, other wise it would be negative. I don't think false positives are possible, are they?? Well, congrats to all of you women who are expecting.


no - December 31

It does not sound like your pregnant


Melissa - January 1

I revieved two faint responses from Answer Quick and Simple(which is made by the same company and detects exactly the same amount of Hcg) and followed up with a doctor who told me my cervix was not blue and i was not pregnant. Hope this helps...I hope I'm not pregnant because I've still been smoking : ?


Star - January 3

Thanks for your replies, I tested again on Sunday Jan. 2nd and it is positive.. Nothing faint about it this time.... :o) Doc says a positive is 99.9% accurate so I am pregnant....


jilly - January 4

yes i had 4 faint lines, and im now 18wks pregnant. It sounds like u r definatley pregnant!!!!! its 99.9% accurate con grats if u r x


Star aka Lucky1 - January 4

I am happy!!! Thanks..... :o)))


lisa w - January 12

i took 7 tests all were positive but very light--i went to planned parenthood and my test was negative--i was told im probably pregnant but not very far along--i still havent started my period and i have another appointment in 12 days


Clare - January 17

How faint is faint? I have tested this morning and I have a very very faint positive line, you have to be in the good light to see it, ut it is the same (just more faint) colour as the 'test has worked line' I just dont know - anyone got any ideas?


To claire - January 17

As far as a I know.. and experienced.... a faint faint line is a positive one. I tested faint faint positive 4 days b4 period.. and am now 15 weeks 5 days PG. get to the doctor to confirm and start pre natal vitamins...


Clare - January 17

Ok thankyou,with my daughter I had faint lines I just dont want to get too excited to be let down, although something in my gut is telling me its positive.


Candice - January 17

I took the test on Friday and it was very faint. I called there hotline & they said any sign of a line means positive. I went & got teste and the hosp., the urine was neg. but the blood was pos. I'm a little worried though cause I'm having some spotting. Anyone else have this problem?


Varsha - January 24

am 10 days late now. Usually I am regular 3-4 days here 7 there. I took HPT (Pregcolor card) & found very very faint line (not a band) after about 10 mins. Will it be evaporative line? or am I pregnanat?


mom2sol - January 24

My husband and I just started trying and we had a feeling we got it right- I've "known" I was pregnant for a couple of weeks now but I took a first response test a couple days before my period was late and nothing and then the day my period was late, still negative. I took another the next day, just waiting to confirm what I already know and feeling like a sucker for buying so many tests- and my husband and I thought it was another negative, I walked away, looked at it again a few minutes later and saw it- it's so faint! I took another one with first morning urine hoping for a darker line but it's still just barely there. When I was pregnant with my son I took a test on Friday, got what I thought was a negative (wonder if I would have waited longer and looked harder if I would have seen that faint line), took it again on Monday and had a faint- but definetely there line (a little darker than the line I'm getting now). I just wish I could get a darker line! I don't understand why they can't make a test that would make a DARK line when any amount of hormone is detected! Come on, would that really be so hard? I guess they want us to keep re-testing, that's why they always come in packs of multiples!



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