Any One From Missouri

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Rhonda - October 15

hey i was just wondering if anyone on here is from missouri besides me?i am 18wks pregnant and would love to chat with you.


Jamie - October 15

Hi, Rhonda; I'm originally from St. Louis, but I'm currently in Germany, due to my husband being in the Army.


Rhonda - October 15

Hi jamie,wow Germany huh?whats it like over there?when are you coming back to st louis?i would be to home sick to go that far.i live about 70miles south of st louis out in the country.


Alex - October 15

Rhonda, I am from mo, I live in st. charles. I am 10 weeks.


Rhonda - October 15

Hi alex,what are you wanting a boy or a girl?do you have any other kids?i have 2boys and 1girl.


to rhonda - October 16

where at in missouri...just wondering, because that is where i was born.


Jamie - October 16

Hey, Rhonda...Germany is...different. Not too bad; been here a little over a year. My daughter's 2 months old. We're hoping to go back to the States in January, but husband's leave hasn't been approved yet, so I dunno. We'll be going to Texas when we do go back, cause that's where he's from.


Charity - October 16

I live in St. Charles Missouri and am TTC after a Tubal Ligation Reversal. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!


Rhonda - October 16

I live in a little town called Ironton its southern missouri.i bet you never heard of my town huh?if you ever heard of Farmington mo i live about 17miles from that town.what part of missouri were you born?


Rhonda - October 16

Jamie,hi well i hope you all have a safe trip when you move to Texas keep my e-mail address and you can let me know when you get moved and settled.whats your little girls name?my youngest is named Madison and shes 8mos old.


Rhonda - October 17

Charity,what dose ttc mean?my brother in law lives in Arnold and he goes to st charles from time to time and you ever go see boxing matches?


to rhonda - October 17

hi, i was born in st. louis, but i lived in ballwin missouri, charity, you might be familiar with where that area is...i have and aunt and uncle who live in st. charles, what a small world :o)


Rhonda - October 17

Ballwin is probably close to a 2hr drive from where i live.but i know where that is.where do you live now?


to rhonda - October 17

i now live in husband is in the navy, so we are lucky enough to be stationed here in such a beautiful place :o)!!!!!!!


Charity - October 17

TTC is Trying To Conceive...I sure hope it I don't watch boxing much my husband is a hockey fan so that's enough sports for me..ha ha. We just came home from Farmington yesterday my husbands parents are there and we visit there quite often.


Laura - October 17

Hi, I'm now in MO but not orginally and only been here for about 2 months - came from CA but born in FL and raised in IN. Yep, military brat and military spouse (now retired). Anyway, 18 wks along and its my first (2 previous miscarriages). I'm south of St Louis and having a hard time finding a doc I like and that I think is good - any suggestions? And, how much is too much weight to gain at this point, I'm at about 10 lbs and worried its too much so far. Also, any suggestions on the gas problem, it hurts so bad after eating anything that I feel I could pa__s out. Would appreciate any advice - I do not know anybody around here and no family to speak of close by. BTW, Jamie - where in Germany are you - we lived in Hamburg (about 10 yrs ago). Thank You!


Wendy - October 17

I'm from Mo. Congrad's on baby. Waiting for reversal, want a baby so bad, cant think of much else.



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