Any One Have A Great Dane

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Heather - May 14

We have a 11 month great dane lap dog, haha, 105lbs. He is super sweet but he also gets jealous when someone holds the cats. What would you recommend for introducing our baby that will be on the way? Is it better to let him get up close or should we try to sepperate them in the begining? although I'd rather not. He had become our "baby" and I dont want him to feel left out. This will be our first. Oh, do you have to keep the cats away from the baby, So many realitives tell us that they will suffiacte the baby. Is this true? Sorry about the spelling, Thanks


JenniferB - May 14

I am not sure how to deal with the dog. I do have a friend that had to give her cat away because it kept curling up in the baby's ba__sinet. When she found it in the ba__sinet with the baby one night she decided she couldn't take the chance. She tried keeping it out of the room but cats can be tricky. Her other cat never bothered the baby. I would say watch the cat closely and cross your fingers that it wont bother the baby. Good Luck


Jessie - May 14

I don’t know sweetie, I would like to know how to handle this as well, we have a great Dane and lab mix and an Australian healer witch is a VERY possessive dog.


Jessie - May 14

You know i just thought of this......look into hiring a trainer, they are expensive but if it turns out like its not going to work I would try working with a dog trainer.


Raye Lynn - May 15

I have a great dane also. She is 125 lb lap dog. She is 6 years old and VERY much a mommas girl. We got two 3 week old kittens last November. She was extremely jealous, but not violent. She would nudge them often. Now, she dosent even care when they walk on her. I was worried, too. But, I think just introducing by bringing a baby doll in first will help. Treat it like a baby and see what she does. Good luck. They are wonderful creatures.


Raye Lynn - May 15

Oh yeah, I have never heard of a personal story of the cat thing, but they do have "covers" to go over the crib to keep the cats out. We are going to invest in one since we have three cats. Good luck again!!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 15

I am not sure about the dog but just watch him. We had a 13 pound wire hair fox terrier and had to get rid of him. He was just to unpredictable around baby. We didn't trust him. Our neighbor just told us that they had to get rid of their cat because it kept laying on the baby. I wouldn't take any chances.


Heather - May 16

Thanks for all the comments, Raye Lynn How old was your dane when she reached her max weight? When did you get her spayes? Just wondering we Had gotten our boy fixed at 4.5 months and he has really slowed down his weight gain the last few months, we were thinking he was gonna be huge, his mom was 170 and dad 185 and grand dad 220. Everyone tells us that he looks skinny but he eats about 6-8 cups a day. what do you feed yours? Not many people have danes and just thought I could chat with you about your experiance with yours.


Raye Lynn - May 16

Hey Heather, Montana was about 2 when she stabled her weight. She has always been very tall and lanky. She has not an ounce of fat on her. She started having hip dysplasia and urinary incontinence problems around 2 and a half years old. We searched for answers and ended hesitantly trying a wholistic raw food diet instead of dog food. She hasent had either problems anymore for the past 3.5 years. She eats raw meat, chicken mainly, plus some beef and rabbit with bones and organs. She also gets some yogurt and cottage cheese for breakfast with fish oil pills. She is very spoiled. We got her spayed about 7 months. Her parents were also very large- much larger than her, but they were very overweight as well. She is all lean muscle and very tall. Healthy Danes tend to look skinny, but its better to be a few pounds underweight than any overweight due to joint issues. As long as your vet says its ok, then dont worry. If I can help, let me know.


Stefanie - June 17

I just stumble across your post, while looking at Dane things. My Kingston pa__sed away Dec 2003, but he & my daughter shared a birthday - June 23rd. He was so totally protective of me at the end of my pregnancy. My husband couldn't even get in bed if the dog was there first. He LOVED my daughter. I have a picture of her at 6mos sitting curled up by his neck. What we did: we put up the ba__sinet/crib etc. and used a play babydoll, feeding/rocking it. Also my husband brought home a blanket from the hospital for him to smell the baby. And when we got home, I went in first to greet him and give him full attention without the baby for 5-10 minutes. For out cats, we put tin foil in all the places the baby would sleep - scared them to jump and land on it. Never had a problem. Good luck and congrats!


val - June 17

My cat would LOVE the tin foil...she loves anything crinkly sounding, like plastic bags, tissue paper. I could never get rid of my cat, we plan on getting one of those nets that go over the crib. But I really don't think we will have any problems, as my darling cat is scared to death of anything that moves unless it's my bf, my mom, or my bird lol. she is scared of kids for some reason. she won't attack, she will run like a bat out of hell and hide for hours.


Love my great dane - June 17

I also have a 135 lap dog. You have to make sure that right after the baby is born, you either have your husband bring home a blanket they were in or the hat so they can smell the baby before you bring them home. My dog wants nothing to do with the baby. Barely even acknowledges she is there. But, we did let him see her right when we brought her home and he didn't seem to care. You will be fine.



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