Any One With Breast Implant And Pregnant

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lil - April 29

Hi I'm 11 weeks and january 30 i had my br___t implant surgury, is there any one else that can tell me how they feel, honestly they are starting to look horrible, i dont know if is that i didnt have a chance to enjoy them but i regret doing it, they are so big i'm a 34 D and i weigth 122 pounds because with the pregnancy i have lost 13 pounds, any opinions


SUNSHINE77 - April 29

I’ve had mine for about 4 years, I’m only 8 wks but they are really sore. Not just the nipple area but like the area around the implants (scar tissue maybe). I don’t think anything bad will happen. I’ve talked to a few people who have them and had no problems during pregnancy or with b___st-feeding. I know this can be different for each person but I wouldn’t worry too much. My biggest concern is that they are going to be HUGE. Im a 36D now- scarry!! Good luck!!


lil - April 29

mine are sore too but i'm scare of is them falling too much and getting more streched marks i have already i dont need anymore, I know i'm going to have to do them again


rb - April 29

lil - how did you lose 13 lbs being pregnant???? i've had mine for a couple years now and they're fine - they are obviously getting bigger and less perky but apparently are supposed to go back to normal and i've heard that if you get a good surgeon and operation, they can actually look better than natural b___sts after childbirth... as for stretchmarks, you'll have to lotion up - also, i'm not feeling too much soreness at all in them, so that's good - did you just get them done in January of this year? if so, you're probably recovering still so they're prone to be more sore... it takes a while for them to heal - good luck


lil - April 29

yeah i just got them january of this year, i have lost weigth because i'm constanly vomiting like right now ill be back i have to go vomit again


Heath - April 29

I have had mine smooth round unders for 3 years oh there 360's I went from a 34 a to a full 34 c which was fine I thought they would be larger though. Although now they are.. full 36 d and I am 25 weeks. Untill I hit the 2nd trimester they were so sore!!! and hard feeling really ugly looking with dark blue veins. Yuck, But now I love them!!! They look so real I cant even tell where the implant is. The soreness is totally gone and my husband can finally enjoy them also. My insision is the crease. I do plan to b___st feed. What about you all?


LoLo - April 29

I've had my implants for 3 1/2 years now. They were really sore and got really big the first trimester but now I'm 18 1/2 weeks and they aren't so tender. Still big but not growing at the moment. I was a 34 C and since being pregnant 36 D. I sleep with a sports bra on to help prevent stretch marks. I'm not sure what they will look like once the baby arrives but I hear they hurt like crazy when b___stfeeding.


lebiram - May 23

I've had my implants for 7 years, I was not able to b___stfeed, my b___st did not get too big during pregnancy, but the shape changed alot, I am planning to have them re-done, after I have a 2nd child.


Amanda - May 23

Hi! I've had my implants since 8/04 and I too am concerned about how they're going to turn out!! Not that I'm trying to be insensitive or selfish or anything, but I paid a lot of money for them (still am paying!). So I'm obviously wondering how they're going to look afterwards - I didn't even get a summer to enjoy mine either! But really, I mean, you're having a baby!! :) Boobies can always be redone, you know? That's my plan, at least.


rr - May 23

I b___st-fed my 1st daughter for 11 months and went from a natural 36 D to a 34 B - I had my b___bs done 5 years later and now after 3 years I am pregnant again. I am 18 weeks and my b___bs are huge - 36 D- and the shape is certainly not as pretty as they were before - but what are ya gonna do? I figure I might have to have them done again after the baby is born just because they are still going to get bigger and they already weigh so much I am worried what they are going to look like. I want to b___st-feed but am scared. I don't want to endanger my baby in any way so I am almost considering not b___st-feeding at all - my implants are silicone, not saline so this is another reason for my fear.


jeanene - June 3

i had mine done about a year and a half ago and i am trying to get pregnant. My friend had her b___bs done for 2 years before getting pregnant. Her Breasts got quite big, but she had no complaints of them being sore, only that they felt much harder. Now she has had the baby her b___st are back to normal, except for a slight increase in size. I think really you have not had much chance for your body to recover from the operation, as they say it takes around 6-12 months for your b___bs.



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