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stephanie - December 8

I just was wondering if anyone had any opinions on how to decorate the nursery, I don't have an extra room, so for the time being the 'nursery' is in my room - it's pretty big so that isn't a problem but I wanted something cute, and where I live they won't tell you the s_x of the baby so I can't just pick a color ? any opinions would be wonderful =) thanks


d - December 8



E - December 8

That was me testing my comp. It works on this site again!! Yeah:) --- I chose a sage-like green so I would not have to buy bedding and nursery stuff again for the next baby. Cost effective and neutral.


CM - December 8

Even though we know we are having a boy we chose to paint the room and decorate in a very soft yellow. I love the color it seems to be calming, so it should be good for you and baby!!


Dez - December 8

Well I had a girl so my nursery is decked out in pink, but before I found out what I was having I ordered the boyds bears nursery bedding (do a search) which can go either way and its very cute. As soon as I found out it was a girl I couldnt help but go pink, lol, so I sold the boyds bears on ebay, lol.


Shannon - December 8

The John Lennon collection is SOOOO CUTE. Its pretty neutral too.


KM - December 8

I didn't know if i was having a boy or a girl so my nursery is a soft light blue and a soft green, but also bright. Its all in baby winnie the pooh.There are lots of colors and themes that work well for boy or girl.


kate - December 8

I know nothing.There is a John Lennon nursery collection???I just gotta have that..where is it available?


KristinaNo - December 8

Split your room into 2 rooms!! Ho would you do this?? 1. I would put like baby animals or winnie the pooh or something on a wall where the babys crib will be! 2. Starting from the middle of the room, put like a white curtain across the room but you dont have to. 3. Just make the babys room into yours and use neutral colors congrats


Amy - December 9

Go for bright, unis_x colours! A pale softyellow or blue! If you go for a Blue, and your baby is a boy, add little mascaline touches after he's born, but keep the area closest to your bed feminine! If you have a girl, add some purple, lilac and white touches in the babies corner. I don't mean paints, I mean bits and bobs...clocks, teddies, picture frames etc. This idea works with every colour! Colours, like everything, come across as more male or female. Either way, mascaline and feminine can complemant each other, when used right! Hope this helps


stephanie - December 9

Thanks guys :) those are wonderful opnions now I just gotta make'em work :) thank you soooo much



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