Any Positives With First Response Hpt S

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wanting to be pg! - May 20

hi ladies! i am so confused, i have taken 3 hpt with first response, and each time a faint positive line appears, and then fades away. i took 2 of them in the same day about a week and a half ago, and then one today, and it happened again. i know that i am not pregnant, but i dont know why this keeps happening...could i have bought a pack of three where the tests were no good...i looked at the experation date, and it is still good...i am just so confused and aggravated, it seems like it is happening to get me to get my hopes up, and then take them back that makes any sense at all. please let me know what you all think, and let me know if you have gotten positive results from first response, that were actually true, or if there is another brand that you would recommend. thanks ladies!


HP - May 20

I bought the 2-in-1 First Response, both gave me a second faint lines that stayed. A week later I went to the DR to get urine test, sure enough it was positive. I'm now 21 wk preg. You might be pregnant!


Lily - May 20

I had the exact same problem with First Response when I suspected that I was pregnant. And because I wanted self-a__surance before I went to the Doctor's office and asked for a pregnancy test there, I switched brands. I used E.P.T (Error Proof Test), and got a positive result on the first try. Because you're getting a failed response, I honestly suggest switching brands or waiting just a little longer and then trying again. You still could be pregnant. Good Luck!


Jennifer - May 20

I used a generic brand of pregnancy test because I wasn't sure if i was or was not. It showed a dark line and then the other one was very faint but you could tell it was there. I went to the doctor the next week and had a blood test, I was definately pregnant!!! You might want to have the blood test.



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