Any Pregnant Hairstylists Please Read

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Babydoll - October 14

I am 4 months pregnant and in cosmetology school and my mother is freaking out worried that breathing the chemicals will hurt my baby. Its not like i'm shut up in a small room with them or anything....what do hairstylists do when they get pregnant? I'm sure they dont stop working for 9 months....


pbj - October 14

I am a hairstylist and 34 weeks pregnant. I will tell you from the start that I quit working at 22 weeks, not because of chemicals though, but becuase of the standing for 12 hr/day, 5 days/week. There were 2 others girls who had their babies around the time I left and they had very healthy babies. I also know many other stylists that worked through their pregnancies.I was also concerned when I first got pregnant, but my doctor eased my concerns. He told me studies have been done and there seems to be no evidence that ammonia crosses the placenta. Of course, you need to wear gloves and the smells may bother you. I would talk to your doctor and bring your mom along to ease her concerns as well. There are also some websites you can find that will confirm that you will be ok..I would just do a google search. You sound like you obviously know that you need to be in a well ventalated room...remember too since you're in school you will be doing manicure & pedicures, along with that I imagine acrylics as well. (I personally would wear a mask when doing that, but I really don't know) Seriously, I would talk to your doctor, they're all different and every pregnancy is different, but generally you'll be fine if you're having a normal pregnancy. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.


babydoll - October 14

thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. i myself dont hav e any concern, seeing my own hairstylist work while pregnant and previously going to school with pregnant girls...all whose babies came out fine. I completley understand about the standing! i am tired all the time, but luckily in school we dont stand constantly, and I will have the baby before I start working...thanks again!



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