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kristap - June 20

I'm 19, and freaking out about having this baby all by myself. My boyfriend/ex boyfriend of 2 years wanted a baby until I foudn out I was pregnant (which also happened to be at a rough time for us) and then he said I should get an abortion.... I havent talked to him in a few days. But anyways, I'm probaby going to have to quit college which means I'll get kicked out the program I'm almost finished with. I know all this is gonna be hard, I was just wondering if anyone was in the same situation as me??!?? and how their coping, etc. Thanks!!


adensmama - June 20

i am 29 weeks pregnant...and i actually was with my ex b/f of 5 years the week i got pregnant..but i also had gotten back w/my other bf later that week! sounds bad i know but im 19 too and im just happy i have my family to be there for far along are u? i wuld stay in school as long as u can during ur pregnancy..i dropped out of college my second semester cuz my dad figured i'd hav mornin sickness 24/7 and not ever go but now i wish i finished that semester because i never had too many problems..


kristap - June 20

Well when I went to the doc. to find out if i was pregnant or not, she estimated i was about 7 weeks along but that was just according to when I thought my last period was. I'll find out thurs. for sure when I get an ultrasound and go to a better doctor. But I'm going to be and Occupational Therapy a__sistant and I'm goign to try to stay in school as long as possible, I'm sorta hoping that I'll have it during christmas break and be able to continue. I'll only have a year left and if I dont continue then I'll get kicked out of my program, have to wait a year, and re-apply.. Plus pay back loans. So yeah.. What did you b/f / ex b/f do when you told him? I'm hoping mine will come around... who knows... Life pretty well sucks for me right now!


adensmama - June 20

well they both took it well..the guy that i was w/later that still my b/f and he still wants to be w/me and a part of the babys life his or not..cuz my ex that i was with on the 4th-he's just not on the right track right now and into drugs which worries me about my son being his..i'm just tryin to figure if i was even fertile on the 4th or if it was the week after i got pregnant lol. Ur babys daddy should come around..and if he doesnt he doesnt deserve the kid no matter what its URS! & im sure u have ur friends and family and there are tons of other guys out there that will like u for u..and ur baby for ur baby even if its not theirs!


kristap - June 20

Yeah hopefully!!!! My family is great, and so are my friends... it would just be a dream come true though if my ex would come around, I mean he wanted a baby and a family, and now he just doesnt want anything to do with me or it..... so I dunno. But I have msn and aim if you ever wanna chat.... Thanks for the encouragement.... good luck with your son!!!


CHYNA - June 20

Hi I’m also a single mother I’m 24 and me and my ex were together for 1yr and 6 months. He also talked about kids and marriage all the thing that any woman want's to hear. I wasn't scared to tell him I was pregnant because we had talked about it so much. so I told him and every thing changed he switched out turned into everything he said he wasn't asked me to have an abortions and when he realized I was keeping MY baby he decide that he'll take care of his child but have nothing to do with me. I’m 17weeks and I’m very happy and excited I dealt with that long time ago he calls me I never call him. He wants to go to my doctor's appointments and that's cool with me. I’m over him and that is the best thing I could have done for me and my unborn child. I have no intentions on getting back with him or hoping he come’s around. I have moved on. There’s a lot of men that will take you just the way you are (pregnant and all) you just have to take your time and choose the one's that want you for the right reasons. And try not to make the same mistake twice and for the health of your baby stay away from s_x because your child can be at risk. If you find a guy that accepts you and your BUMP make him take you out and rub your feet all the things your ex should have been there doing then once your child is born you'll have spent time with the new guy and you’ll take from there. Keep your head up girl. As far as school never give up on that. An education is your bread and b___ter plus you have a child on the way. You’re nothing without it. Don’t quit I did. I have register for the fall semester and I only have 1yr to be finished. Best wish to you and your unborn child


mcbanes_angel - June 20

im 19 as well. i was going to start college in the fall, after taking a year off, and my husband *who was my boyfriend of 5 months at the time we got pregnant* is in college. neither one of us is dropping out. he is switching to an online school solthe same time. as soon as the baby comes, in november, i will begin online or maybe even regular college courses in january. it will be hard, but it can happen. you may need to take a semester off if your baby is due during school time. college is very important, especially now with a baby. trust me, if we can do it, you can do it. good luck!


mylittleangels - June 21

well im 21 and married this will be my second live child i been pregnant 3 times and lost a set of twins and all 3 of my pregnancies i was in college and most of the time is was full time and i am still in college i am plan to take 18 hours with me due in december it will be hard but i look at it this way i want to be able to have a good job and take care of my babies and give them a good life and my husband is working so hard but when i am finished he will be able to rest so i say stay in school because you will reget it after


landens_mom - June 21

Hey krsitap..i had my son when i was 17..yes i know young.. i had been dating his father for 2 1/2 years.. When he found out i was pregnant he said it was someone else's which hurt more than anything..I am now 20 and have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old..well will be 3 soon and he is my life. I just got married to a great guy who loves me and my son as his own. Landen (my son) still sees his father every other weekend..we ended up having to have a DNA test done..but anyway..i would definitely stick it out in don't have a lot of time left and that's a great occupation. Good luck with everything :)


Angelic21 - June 21

I am 23 years old and 34 weeks pregnant. I guess you could say that we are similar situations. My boyfriend and me had just been dating for about 3 months and all of a sudden I find out about my little man. Now we hardly speak. I know it is going to be hard being a single mom but hey everything happens for a reason. Remember that little baby inside of you is a blessing do not ever forget that. That are millions of people who wish they had what you are have and go to the extremes to try to get it but just cant. God will be there for the baby and you no matter what. I have just learned to rely on him for all my needs and as for my baby daddy I just decided to leave in God's hands. If I need something it will come to some how some way. I encourage you to find a church that can help you. Keep your head up and just know it will be all worth it when you get to hold your baby.


hotbratdog - June 21

I'm 19 and when I found out that I was pregnant my ex-bf told me he wasn't ready for a kid. After I told him that I was keeping and having this baby whether he liked it or not he said ok you know my name just file for child support. He said don't speak to me if you see me and now out of the blue he will just call and ask me where I am, what I'm doing, and who I'm with. Don't give up complete hope.


hotbratdog - June 21

Oh, also get a__sisstance. The state will be more willing to help you when your a single parent/pregnant and want to go to school. Look into it before you even think about dropping out. Look into Badger Care. I have heard about a lot of different programs that are out there. Good luck.



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