Any Women Not Afraid Of Contractions

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krc - January 10

h__lo ladies. I'm prego with my 1st child. Soo obviously I have no idea how painful childbirth can or can't be. But I do have a question. It seems to me that most women get an epidural to numb the pain. Is it really that bad. I asked my mom if she had one and she said no and laughs at those who do. She said it was painful but not anything that a woman couldn't handle. Some of my co workers said similar stuff like yes it hurt but it doesn't last long. I guess some woman are wimps, some are tough, & others get an epidural just because they can. So i'd like to know why you chose to have/not have an epidural and how you handled the pain.


tinkerbell - January 10

I went natural with my son. And I had a c-section with my daughter and I just want to say it really depends on how much pain your body can handle how big or small the baby is etc... I think it is totally up to the female herself. But if you go without pain killers or epidural your baby seems more alert. I know this from having both a natural and cersaren birth. With a natural birth you seem to heal faster.


M.A. - January 10

I think it all depends on the level of pain that is happening, and how much a woman can take. Your mother may have not had as much pain as some do, and just a__sumed that everyone's like that. My sister only has one, and she said it wasn't too bad at all. So that's all she really knows about the pain. With my first, I almost pa__sed out from the pain many times. And I went as long as I could with no medication. Everyone kept telling me to take the epidural because I didn't need to pa__s out. With my 2nd, I had contractions for six hours, but it wasn't constant pain. So I didn't get the epidural until four hours later. And that was because I heard a lady from down the hall screaming, and didn't want it to get that bad. I can take a lot of pain, but not constant pain. No one's a wimp unless they don't try first. And some may be able to endure what other's can't. It doesn't make them any tougher, or better. For some, it is wiser to not go through the pain. If I had pa__sed out, it wouldn't have been good at all.It just depends on the person.


m - January 10

All women are different. Some just have it easier from beginning to end, while others suffer ma__sive amounts of pain. That said, I had to have C-sections with both of my sons, so I never went through hard labor. I hope you have it as easy as your mother did. I know I watched my mother suffer in intense agony while she was in labor with my little sister. And she is one of the toughest women I know. Good luck.


Kaylynnsmom - January 10

I was never really "afraid" of the pain of labor. I knew it would hurt like heck, but I also had confidence in myself and my body to know what to do. I went natural after 20 hours of labor.. in the end it hurt like heck. My dd was alert and so awake after though, we have pictures in which she's just staring at me with the beautiful huge open eyes only minutes after she was born. She didn't have to be taken away to have tests done, or have her breathing a__sesed and even through my long labor, she was never in distress. It took me 20 minutes to push her out - 8 pounds 2.5 ounces. The nurse said that it I had gotten an epidural due to my size, it would have taken me 2 hours to push her out probably. We were left alone iwth her in the delivery room for about 4 hours after before they even took her to the nursery.. it was such a great bonding experience and altogether just a really great experience completely, I will go natural with the rest of my children no doubt about it.


Shannon - January 10

i didn't have an epidural but only because my contractions weren't regularly spaced and whatnot for most of the time and then bam! all of a sudden i was 10 cm dialated and ready to deliver so it was too late to get one. contractions hurt so bad i was begging for the epidural. pushing wasn't so bad but 15 hours of contractions were hell. i think if i'd have relaxed and breathed better it wouldn't have lasted that long, but once the pain hit me i forgot everything i was told.


Heather L - January 10

I had my first son 2weeks before my 18th birthday. I had no drugs. He weighed 9lbs, 1oz. It's all about your state of mind. I just kept breathing and telling myself it could get worse, since I had no idea of how much it would hurt. Then they told me I was ready to push. It took maybe 35-45minutes and he was born. With my second I tried the gas, that lasted about 5 minutes and I got rid of it. It was horrible IMO. With this baby, I will probably have nothing as well. (i'm 26 now and due May3rd.)


Tami - January 11

It does depend on how much pain you can take. I ended up with an epidural, but I also was induced. Towards the end they had my pitocin drip cranked up to as high as it would go, and the epidural wore off-I was having back labor and crying I was in so much pain. Luckily they gave me another dose of the epidural or I think I would have died! Honestly though, I think I could have done it naturally if I wasn't induced but if you are induced you may want the epidural. I've heard pitocin makes contractions a lot worse. Oh, my dd was very alert and awake after for several hours, so the epidural didn't make her sleepy or anything like some people say. Good luck and congratulations!


izzy1052 - January 11

ya never know what's gonna happen.. you never know if something will be wrong and more painful.. im sure i can handle the pain.. i have a high a__s pain tolerance.. obviously since ive got piercings and tattoos out the whazoo... lol.. but i just wanna have as less pain as i can possibly have...



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