Anybody Get Neg

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ducky - February 23

anybody one here get negative test results but much later found out that they were pregnant..... just wondering about this bc im 19 days late for my period and ive always been on a 28 day cycle never been late in my life... well i went to the doctors when i was 13 days late she just gave me a pee test which was neg and said that it was my thyroid.... she never asked me about the symtoms ive been having... wouldnt listen when i was asking here if it could deal with ovarian cysts or cancer or any of that she didnt even do a pap test just kept saying it was my thyroid...... thats y im asking this question..... ****+++....BABY DUST....+++****


KelyFranz - February 23

I took four pregnancy tests (at home ones) and they all came back negative. I took a fifth, and it came back positive. I am currently 30 weeks.


lovey - February 25

Hi Kely, How many weeks were you when the hpt finally came back positive. My lmp was 12/19/05, so far I missed 2 periods. I took 3 hpts and a blood test on 2/10/05 which came back neg. The nurse pract_tioner told me it could've been too early and retest again in about 3wks. I have been having symptoms like my period is coming ( shooting pains in b___sts on/off and light cramping) but no period. This same thing happened to my friend and she didn't get a positive until 3 mos. preg. I'm hoping the same thing happens for me.


Tanna - February 26

I always got pos. right off the bat, but it sounds like getting a few negs before a pos. happens quite often. I would think though that if you are nearly 2 weeks late, you would see a pos. by now.


livdea - February 26

I think I answered another post of yours. But just to make sure...I took over 12 hpt in 2 months and they all came back negative...only to find out that I was actually two months along. Finally probably around 10 weeks I got a positive.


clare - February 27

hey i tested neg for quite a while but wasnt having a period i suffered from really bad back pains in mid last negative test was around the 20th dec so i gave up but when i missed my next period i did a test that came pos. i dont know exactly how far gone i am find out on friday when i see the midwife for the first time. does anyone know if coming off the pill could of affected my results cus i am quite confused. x


livdea - February 27

Clare...thats a good question about the pill. I had come off the pill for a month and in that month I got pregnant! And didn't have a positive test for two months...maybe there is some connection with the pill then, huh?


clare - February 27

livdea.. do ypu have msn? i wouldnt mind chattin a bit mre if you had the same prob iv been told loadsa things thats makin my head spin as im 19 and its my first baby?


shannons136 - February 27

I went to one of the local clinics in my town and took a pregnancy test, and the results came back negative. Well, a week later I was rushed to the emergency room and ended up 3 weeks pregnant when all the test were done.



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