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vicky - March 18

Hello. Just wanted to ask if anyone ever had similar symptoms like me and whether you ended up having a boy or girl? I am 8 wks. pregnant and these are my symptoms: Sleepiness (have to be in bed by 9:30 -10p.m.), cravings for fruits, orange juice, vegetables, morning sickness, not really vomiting, just dry heaves, and frequent, intense hunger every 2-3 hours, can't eat fried/oily foods or bland food. Please let me know. I really appreciate it. Thanks.


Ariana - March 19

i had that, but since i was 5 weeks, but i had bad morning sickness with vomiting. I craved fruits, loved organge juice and vegetable, couldnt eat anything else basically and i detested fried/oily foods and especially detested eggs. I ended up having a girl. GOOD LUCK!


aussiegal - March 19

yup i had some of those symptoms you explained when i was around 8wks or so! i was soooooo tired during the day i needed a 2hr nap every afternoon on top of going to bed at my normal time, i couldnt have enough orange juice and cheese for that matter! and also had to eat something every couple of hours or so!! it was crazy, like i hadnt been fed in months!!!! but as soon as i hit the 12wk mark it all disappeared! very strange indeed!! good luck with every thing! xox


Liz - March 19

I had a girl and had dry heaves for 8 weeks. Crave an apple every day and deli turkey sandwiches. I also craved mexican food!!! : )


syn - March 20

i had and still have these. and i am supposed to be having a boy.


lidia - March 20

I had all them symptoms I dont think it matters how you feel your going to have what ever god gives you symptoms or no symtoms what s_x do you want?


Sammy - March 20

I am hungry every few hours too. I have felt a little morning sick a few days... dry heaves like you, no throwing up... but I started drinking way more water, and it seems to help a little. I crave orange juice, and clementines, and baby carrots. I had MacDonalds the other day and couldnt keep it down. All I wanted was to enjoy a bacon double cheesburger... I had to throw it all out


Marissa - April 8

Hey, i am 3 1/2 weeks pregnant and im having simalar problems..... Ive only thrown up a few times, but ive been experiencing dry heaves and nausea for the past week and a half...


Jill - April 9

All that wierd stuff about whether your having a boy or a girl isn't right. Like my my doc. said they have a 50/50 chance of being right so thats pretty good odds. my mom has a weird way of doing it and so far she has been right every time. Do the number of the month you got pregnant in and add how old you were when you GOT pregnant if it comes out an even number its a girl and odd its a boy. So try and let me know what you think


Mindy - April 9

i'm 12 weeks and just now starting feel a little better....i almost wish i would just have vomited and got it over with verses sitting there in agany!!! thank god it's going away.....the whole boy girl thin i'm not sure about...i have a girl now and don't remember it being this bad so doc says it may be a boy....won't know for sure until may though



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