Anyone 9 Weeks Old And How Do You Ladies Feel

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courious - March 1

I am 9 weeks old and I have all kinds of symptoms anyone feeling the same way? That is also or around 9 weeks? would appreciate comments and opinions


Missy - March 1

I am nine and half weeks. My symptoms are kinda fading, though the mood swings are just kickin in. The nausea and tiredness are better, so I guess I just have to roll with the punches. I am due 10/2 - what about you? I go for an U/S tomorrow (3rd one) wish me luck!!


beth - March 2

I am 9 weeks pregnant too. My biggest symtoms are nausea and excessive salivation. I can't wait for things to start fading. I am past being annoyed. I want it all gone and to feel good again. I am due October 4.


Karen - March 9

Hey ladies the same I am actually due Oct 2 also. I am have symptoms like crazy. Mood swings, frequent bathroom, ecessive salovation, hard to sleep at night, clothes not fitting and maternity clothes to BIG. Heartburn, hunger every two hours, craving for liquids the most recent apple juice. constipation U name it and I have experienced it. The JOYS of pregnency. Dont worry I am looking forward to the outcome I am sure in the end its worth it. Cant wait to see my precious gift from GOD !!


J - March 10

I am 9 weeks and am soooo sick! I am hoping this will fade soon I am going on 2 weeks of all day sickness throwing up and all. I can't even leave the house for fear that I'll lose my lunch in the car. I am also tired and getting pretty depressed over this m/s.


Ruby - March 10

I am 9 weeks and 5 days. My nausea is fading and I am not as tired as I was. In the beginning I had sore muscles, a five day headache and lightheadedness. Now every smell is so strong . The smell of stale air at work makes me more nauseous than any food.


Karen - March 29

Just to udpdate you ladies just an update. My symptoms are going on strong. I feel like I am going crazy. Today I vomit and started to cry because I vomit. This morning I made the simplest thing seem as it was the end of the world. Then I started to laugh at my self for being so stupid and I am snapping a my boss every minute ( I actully feel a bit sorry for him now).


amanda.d - March 29

I am nine weeks and a half.I don't have nausea anymore its just a matter of i have to eat only what sounds good at the time and i hate raw meat and having to cook it, lol.I am also tired alot.


karen - March 29

Amanda please be careful handling raw meats. Toxins can be transfered from you to the baby. Wash your hands before and after with an antibotic soap (I use DAIL). All the best. I


amanda.d - March 29

Thanx Karen i will be extremely cautious.


Missy - March 29

Hi Karen. Glad to see you are feeling better too. I am a bit snappy with the boss - but then again, I was before I was preggers so who knows if that really has anything to do with the pregnancy!! I see you have the same due date as me - I would love to keep in contact with you and see how you are progressing - if you are interested, my email address is [email protected] (just in case we lose contact via this forum) Have you heard the heartbeat yet? Will you be finding out if it's a boy or girl or do you want to be surprised?


Karen - March 29

Missy, that sounds like a good idea. My email is [email protected] Yes I have heard the heartbeat Mar 23 2005. My boyfriend and I went together it was a wonderful expreience. We also got to see the baby moving. Actually the little precoius one was in a deep sleep and woke up afterwards kicking and moving all about. Wonderful no other joy. Have you ? I dont know if I want to know what I am having, my boyfriend wants to , and is convinced its a boy (he has a little girl already). To me it does not matter. Pleae keep in touch and all the best, are u going to find out ?


Sarah - March 30

I am nine weeks today. Yeah! Feeling nauseous most of the time, mixed with insatiable hunger. So crazy. Canceled a business trip to CA today for fear of getting sick on the plane or at the meeting. I feel like such a baby!


baby having a baby - April 20

im 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant but i dont have ANY symptoms anymore i used to feel more symptoms a week and a half ago and now i dont feel anything is it normal to be like this????


To Curious - April 20

Dang you are 9 weeks old? You are one educated 9 week old. Just kidding. I had to poke fun sweetie! Congrats! When I was 9 weeks old....I mean preggo I was sick as a d__n dog! I hated it when my husband drove....I would get soooooo car sick! Good luck.



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