Anyone Being Pregnant Smell Down There

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Elena - April 14

Ok this is sucks, sorry if tmi. But never have I ever had this problem. A couple of my friends who are currently pregnant with me have the same issue. I'm currently 16 weeks and 4 days. Its just gross. I use the Summers Eve wash anybody have any suggestions. I notice discharge is more which I heard is normal. I don't know help.. ewwwwwww


HannahBaby - April 14

i never had that could have some type of infection i would call your doctor


livdea - April 14

yeah, I'd check in with your dr. you could have BV, it's easy to clear up but when you have it....eeeeeeeeeck! Good Luck!


Perl - April 14

I have not noticed any funky smells but I have noticed a little more moisture (combination of discharge and sweat) so I'm using panty liners on more days in the month than I would if I was not pregnant. Try pantyliners and try changing out your pantyliner at least twice in the day. I also sprinkle baby powder on to the liner to feel drier. That has seemed to be enough for me.


Rakklk - April 14

I haven't had odor, but increased discharge that I wear a pantyliner for. I also use Summers Eve powder because it's talc free. Powder with talc isn't good for your v____al health.


Karen S - April 14

If it's kind of like a musky smell than I hear that can be normal. Thats what my doctor told me but I'd still ask your doctor. Good Luck


Tess - April 14

If it smells like a fishy might a v____al bacteria or it could be a yeast infection. Ask your Dr. immediately so it can be treated right away.


Erin1979 - April 17

I had the same thing, but like some others have already suggested, I had Bacterial Vaginosis. It was very easy to clear up.


Tonia - April 17

I'm 24 weeks and I have more discharge and it smells, but my doctor has checked it out, at first he thought that there was something to it, but all tests came back neg. you may just be one of those lucky ones.


MyFirst - April 18

I am 15wks and there is a deffinite increase in discharge. There is more smell to, but it is the same smell as before just more of it I guess. If it is a different type of smell or consistency of discharge I would advise you go to your doc.


angelanicole22 - April 21

its funny.... both my bestfriend and i are pregnate and we both have talked to each other about a smell that is there that we have never had ever before! I am happy to see that there are others out there... Its not something that you need to freak out about unless it is another color other than clear or white!



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