Anyone Chart Their Bbt Please Need Help

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Christine - October 28

I'm trying to chart to see if I'm pregnant. I'm only three days late. I've done two HPT and both were negative. First day my temp. was 97.9. Second day 97.5 (that is my cover line) Then today when I took it and it was 98.3. This is about 17 DPO. I felt hot when I woke up. So, I took the blanket off and waited about 10 minutes and took it again and it was 97.7. Which one do you think is correct 98.3 or 97.7. And do you think these numbers might mean I'm pregant? How come it drives us so crazy to know? LOL


Amanda - October 28

if u think u might be pregnant go get a first responce pregnancy test it is only like $12 for 2


Christine - October 28

Hi Amanda...Those are the ones I uses when I got the negatives. Thanks...


Christine - October 29

Well.. I ended up with a 98.5 this morning, so I'm thinking that 98.3 was correct. I still just feel hot. Anyway, temping is helping pa__s the time to I test again. I think I'll test tomorrow or Sunday. I haven't tested since Tuesday. I'm thinking if I'm pregnant the levels of hcg should be high enough to detect. I'm tired of not knowing. It is driving me crazy!


Viv - October 29

Isn't there supposed to be a third temp plateau if you are indeed pregnant. No other signs? They should have started a week ago.


E - October 29

This is a great site for charting. You can download blank charts or chart online. It is free but you will need to sign up. They offer sample charts of what pregnancy looks like temp wise. ---


E - October 29

They will a___lyze for you too.


Christine - October 30

I couldn't wait anymore and I took the last test I had this morning and it is still negative. Today is approx. 19 dpo Hi Viv..Yes, there is a third temp plateau and that is what I was trying to dectect, since I couldn't get any answer from these HPTS. :-( and e I chart with FF, but they don't give advise unless you have a paid memebership. They use to give advise free a couple years back. I used it when I was trying to get pregant with my daughter. Unless I'm doing something wrong. I guess what worries me a little is that if I am pregnant and my hcg levels are to low for a hpt to detect what future does this pregnancy have. And if I'm not pregnant what is up. I don't always have regular cycles, but I don't every remember one going over 35 day unless I was pregnant. I guess I'm just like every other women with a late period. I want to know.:-( Thanks for your help! I'm glad they have boards like this!



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