Anyone Convinced They Wern T Pregnant And They Were

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Gez - October 21

Hi I was just wandering if anyone convinced themselves that they wern't pregnant and then found out they were. I am TTC and I done a HPT today which came back negative. I am due for AF 27th of Oct so it may be a bit early six days before AF due but I just don't feel any different to normal apart from my br___ts being a bit sore at the sides and I have now convinced myself I am not pregnant. I am 21 and this is my second month TTC. I want to get pregnant so much but me and my partner have only been having s_x about three times a month due to work shifts but I know atleast one of these times was around when I was supposed to be ovulating.


Jamie - October 21

Me, me, me! My husband and I argued for a month about whether or not I was pregnant. Finally, to shut him up, I took a test - positive within 3 seconds; I didn't believe that test, so I made him go buy another one - positive within 3 seconds again. Still didn't believe I was pregnant, so I went to the doctor and had a blood test - had to believe that one. I certainly hope that if you're not pregnant now, you get that way real soon!


jb - October 21

I was the same way. I didnt feel pregnant at all beside b___st being a little sore. My husband swore up and down I was. I took 3 tests and all were positive very dark lines with in a few minutes. I still didnt believe, but like Jamie, I had to believe the blood test. The doctor told me no doubt about it. I still didnt feel pregnant for several months.


r - October 21

with my first son I thought for sure I had a kidney infection due to my back hurting and figured it was so bad it had stopped my cycle so I tell my mother that I thought I had this kidney infection and she asked my why did I think that and I tell her she looks at me and laughs and tells me YOUR PREGNANT!! Well still did not think so and had to go out and get a hpt which came back possitve right away so I my mom was right ha ha lol


Gez - October 21

So when did all of your tests show positive?


J. - October 21

Hi Gez. I'm kind of in the same boat. AF is supposed to come on the 26th, don't feel pregnant at all, just my b___sts being a little sore to the touch. I also get this wierd sting every now and then in them that travel throughout the b___st and to the nipple area. BF and I had s_x 1 day before I was supposed to ovulate. So I don't know, we'll see....What other symptoms/signs have you been having? Do you think it's too soon for anything for us??? *baby dust*


jb - October 21

Gez, I was probably about 4-5 weeks pregnant when I tested positive several times. I tested about 3 weeks before that and was negative. I guess it was too early then. Good luck!!!


val - October 21

I never dreamed I was pregnant, I felt like it was any other month....I didn't take a test til 4 days after af was due, and the test came up positive instantly really dark. I was in shock, I didn't believe it, so I went later that day and got another one, and it was positive really dark right away too. I still was in shock, so I went to Dollar Tree and bought 5 tests and took one each day for the next week. Of course all positive, really dark right away. I didn't start feeling pregnant until about 6 weeks, when the nausea and b___st soreness really set in.


Gez - October 21

To J I havn't really been having any other symptoms although I felt a little nausea earlier for about half an hour and I have been having quite a lot of white creamy discharge but that could just be to do with my normal cycle. I had the implanon in up till about two months ago so certain symptoms may just be my body getting back to normal. Keep me updated and let me know if you get a pos or neg.


bump - October 22



bump - October 24

bump again


AMS - October 25

I am only 10 days late do you think it is too early to test


bumping - October 25

bump bump bump bump bump keep this good thread going


bubbablues - October 26

hey everyone, i took a test on the 17th it was neg, i have early pg signes like feeling sick one min then the mext im fine,tired,dizzy,headackes etc, i just noticed last nite that i have an increase in discharge, im gonna take another hpt tomorrow i will let u guys no wish me luck.... does anyone think i am pg?


bubbablues - October 26

my story is a bit long and im trying to hide it from my if u want to hear it please email me [email protected] thanks ladies :)


Kal - October 26

Me! We only had s_x TWICE in the month we conceived, and as we were tracking my cycles we were convinced that it wasn't possible - we definitely hadn't had s_x around my ovulation time. 4 days before AF was due I started bleeding and thought I was early, but it stopped after a day...I remember asking my husband "do you think there's any remote chance that it could have been an implantation bleed?" and he told me no, absolutely no way. I waited for my period to start...cos I'm irregular we thought I was just late, but 4 days after I was due I told DH that I didn't have any pre-menstrual symptoms, so I wanted to do a test so that I'd know for sure one way or the other. We got one that afternoon and I sat on the loo watching it change colour, feeling slightly bored and like I'd wasted £8.95...and then it came up positive straight away!! I swear to God, I nearly fell off the toilet in shock - I didn't believe it. It pretty much floored my husband too. Wouldn't allow myself to believe that it was possible, tested again the next morning, and again, it was positive within three seconds. But, like so many other women, I still wouldn't actually believe it until the doctor confirmed it for me. I'm 11 weeks and 5 days now, had my first scan on Monday, saw baby having a is due on 12th May, and we're totally thrilled. Good luck to anyone who's still ttc!! xxx


bump - October 26

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