Anyone Due On Halloween

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D - July 8

im so excited about the baby but the thought of having it on a day filled with goules and witches is kind of annoying to me. anyone feel the same?


Vickie - July 9

Hey, im due on the 31st oct! Its not the best due date though, but im still very excited, dont worry, theres only 5% of all women actually go into labour on their due date lol. hows ur pregnancy going, i guess we are both as far along as each other? Luv vickie xx


Amanda - July 9

my mother was due on holloween with my little brother believe it or not she stayed in labor for 24 hrs and had him on nov 1st


D - July 9

thanks for answering. its good to know that others feel the same. i probably wont end up having the baby on halloween seeing as how only 5% deliver on their due dates. thanks again for the info


jb - July 9

I think it might be kinda cool when the child gets older. Its a fun day for kids, and the baby's will be even more fun b/c its also his b-day. The birthday/costume parties would be fun too. Like you said its a slim possibility it will happen. :o)


Julie - July 9

I was due on Halloween with my last baby, and I'm a huge Halloween fan. But, I didn't want to have her on Halloween, because it's so much fun on it's own, I wanted them to be seperate days. So (kinda silly, but...) I asked my doctor to induce me a week early, and he did. Only because they checked out the baby and determined that she was big and healthy with developed lungs. So, I had her on the 25th, and now I'm stoked because she'll have FANTASTIC birthdays every year.


Tammy - July 10

My daughter was born on Halloween and she had some really fun birthday parties. FYI, I was actually due on Oct 20th. My son was due Nov 6th and he was born Oct 29th (brought him home on Halloween). This baby is due on Oct 28th, another son. Everyone is taking bets that he will come on Halloween.


Jamie - July 10

I'm not due on Halloween, but I sure had fun conceiving on



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