Anyone Else 5 Weeks Amp Feeling It

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star - February 2

Just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat & what all your experiencing? What does it feel like anything weird goig on?


Roni - February 2

I am 5 weeks pregnant also. I took 2 pregnancy test and both were positive. I'm a little worried because I am having cramps, on and off. I've heard it's just the uterus expanding. But then I see other problems it sould be like an ectopic pregnancy. Are you cramping also?


Jess - February 2

My lMP was 12/ I guess I would be ablout 5 weeks or so. I really have no symptoms. Once and awhile I feel like my period is about to come but it pa__ssed pretty quick. WHen I first found out I was preg. I was having some cramping on my left side but it subsided too. Other than that nothing else to tell me I am pregnant.


kim - February 14

i am also five weeks although i am having a lot of problems with dehydration from sickness be lucky you are not haveing symptoms yet they will come i just wentin for cramping and had to have a v____al u/s very uncomfortable and nothing is wrong so i would not worry about camping


chell - February 15

i am 5 weeks also having some cramps like im going to start also some sharp pains and feel bloated.


mel - February 17

I am also 5.5 weeks as of 17/2/05. I am having a fair bit of mild, period-like cramping. Was bit worried, but have read it is just the uterus expanding. My Dr said ectopic preg produces a sharper pain in 1 side, oftern with shoulder pain. Still a bit disconcerting though eh? as it feels so much like period pain!


Hola Everyone - February 17

Ok I am 25 weeks but I recall when I was 5 weeks that I was so worried that I was miscarring thanks to all the dang cramping and bloating. My Doc kept a close eye on me because of my miscarriages last year. The pain was natural. It is your ligamnets expanding. That's the cramping like you are about to start. Also it is around the time that you would start your cycle so your body is adjusting. I had a lot of tenderness, cramping and bloating. It is all natural. Stay in close contact with your Dr. Take notes of what you feel and let them know. Don't stress it will all subside soon. Good luck to you all and God bless.


Ruth - February 18

I'm into my 6th week and have lots of cramps and feel constantly bloated. I have felt uncomfortable for about a week now - I feel a lot better when I'm stretched out or walking. I find it quite worrying because according to 'the books' you shouldn't really feel anything now but having read your postings it's rea__suring to know that this seems to be a common occurance - anyone know when it stops?!


rachelle - February 25

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one worried about theses cramps i was so scared thank eveyone


Cindy B - February 25

I'm 5 wks and 3 days. I am totally paranoid about all the cramping going on. I have MC'ed 3 so I have no idea what a "normal pregnancy" feels like-I hope this is it. I had a HCG test done and it's 11,000. Dr said the cramping is normal and the quants are great. My b___sts are WAY swollen but that couls be due to the Progesterone I'm on. Felt a little nauseous this afternoon.


sam - February 26

im also 5.5 weeks. i feel absolutely nothing!! have been having an upset tummy tho and i dont mean sickness! does anyone else have this?


PRISCILLA - August 31



Jessica - August 31

Priscilla I just wanted to inform you that this post is extremely old (look at the date: Feb) So Im not sure that these girls will answer your post. I am 10 weeks pregnant and yes crampy in early pregnancy is normal. It feels like period cramps w/ no bleeding. It will pa__s. As long as you are not bleeding its okay. Congrats on your pregnancy!


Ruth - September 1

Just to let you know that I'm now 33 weeks and trust me the cramping does go - since my posting in february i have found many women went through the same thing in early pregnancy and for some the cramping continued monthly (when your cycle is due) throughout. Don't worry it is normal but i did contact my midwife about it when it got quite bad and she put my mind at rest - I'd still check it out but remember that you aren't alone...just about everyone i spoke to thought the cramps were a bad sign and didn't realise many women have them, some worse than others. Good luck in your pregnancies and thaks for all the supportive replies!


Emily - September 1

I am 5 and a half weeks pregnant and I have been really tired and always sick at night. I have not had to much cramping though I get it sometimes when I am really tired or hungry though.


Chiffon - September 1

I am so happy to have found this website! I have been freaked out because I am almost nine weeks and have really felt nothing but an occasional cramp as was worried I might have a miscarriage


Lily - September 3

I seem to have most symptoms, morning sickness, fatigue, headaches, extremely sore b___sts, cravings, gone off the foods I like. I'm only 5 wks.



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