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Kate - October 10

Hey ladies. I'm 23, married, 10wks pregnant with my first, and I'm a student (in UK), in the second year of my degree. I've worked it all out with the uni, and I will be able to stay on my course because my dates work out so perfectly... However, I look ridiculously young and am now looking forward to the shocked looks people will give me when I start to show! This may sound so silly, but people assume I'm around 17 years old, and as I'm in an educational environment, this assumption is set even more deeply into peoples minds. I get patronised by the 18 year olds on my course, who basically try to teach me to suck eggs! For example, one student asked me if I lived on campus, so of course I said no, I live just outside the city. She looked at me pityingly, and in a very disdainful tone of voice said " you still live with your parents then...?" Hmmm. I'm going to get the "single teen mother" stigma...and I'm not even a single teen mom! It's not worrying - more really amusing, and I can't wait until I start to show and start to get funny looks. But I was just wondering if anyone else is in this situation, does anyone else look a good few years younger than they really are and get silly comments/judged because of it?


Lisa - October 10

I have a funny one...when my husband and I bought our first house and we moved in this man came to the door. He was driving around looking for trees that had fallen that he could remove from the property and use for his firewood. He knocked on the door and when I answered he says "Oh hello, is your Mom or Dad home, can I speak to them"...I started to grin and said "I own this house, but my Mom and Dad will be here shortly if you want to wait and talk to them". If was so funny to see the embaressed look on his face. He could not believe I looked so young and owned this brand new house...well guess what buddy boy! I do! I still laugh about that...esp. because my Mom and Dad were actually on the way to have dinner with us. My parents thought it was hilarious... You're going to get that no matter what, have fun with it.


kris - October 10

same with me- i used to work for an airline at the check-in counter. I always got comments about my age(i was 23), but the best one was one gentleman walked up to check -in and the first thing he said was 'how old are you?" Just like that. He couldn't believe that I was old enough to work there(you have to be 18) so he obviously thought I was younger than that! Oh well, like Lisa said it's going to happen, so all you can do is laugh it off. Or you could make a t-shirt that says I'm 23 and married -so get over it. That would be too funny if you did that-but honestly that's about the only thing you can do is broadcast it to the world to avoid the comments:) Good Luck and know that you aren't alone



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