Anyone Else Doing A Home Circ

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jmj - August 27

My husband say a do it yourself home circ_mcision kit in a mag and wants to buy it. I am totally against it. Has anyone else tried this?


AB - August 27

sounds totally unsafe and unhygenic to me.....I am with you...I would totally be against it. Circ_mcisions are not 100% safe to begin with and if something were to go wrong - god forbid- I would want my baby in the hospital. My friend was telling me about all these consent forms she had to sign to get her baby boy circ_mcised in the hospital (ie: things can go wrong.)


jmj - August 27

Yeah, I heard 3% of babies that have it done get infections or complications. That's the crazy reason my husband wants to do it at home. He thinks there are more germs in the hospital and that no one would care about his son than him so he would be the best one to do it. I don't think I will let him do it, even if he buys the thing. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried this or was going to and what they thought about it.


Evy - August 27

Are those kits meant for everyday people? I mean, I have never heard of them but I am curious now. I thought they were for religious (jewish and otherwise) ceremonies performed by people who knew what they were doing. I mean, I have a hard enough time following directions to put my etertainment center together. I would be nervous that my dh would not follow "directions" properly...unless of course, they are designed for everyday people - which I have hard time believing. Imagine the lawsuits!


Jen - August 27

I would never try to perform a medical procedure @ home . What if you mess up? You especially don't want to take your chances with that part of the body.


lol - August 27

exactly, your poor boy would never forgive you. That is going to be his favorite body part in 16 or so


actually - August 28

you can get similar types of kits from the back of some magazines. I have only seen them in the back of japanese mags though. He is right there are more germs at the hospital but I don't think circ_mcisions should be a DIY project. I haven't seen it on "while you were out" yet anyway. I joke about just gnawing the skin off myself, but that is because I am a sick puppy BUT I would never really do it.


Ranya - August 28

Can you ask a Rabi to come over to your house and perform it for you? Even if you are not Jewish, at least he would know what he's doing. A diy kit sounds really scary.


Beccah - August 28

There are so many products out there that DO NOT WORK and are UNSAFE. I even read about a service where you send in a blood sample and for a $250 lab fee, they can tell you the s_x of your baby. That kind of stuff is NOT released in the mother's bloodstream, and if it was, amneocentesis's would be unnecessary. A lot of ignorant people get screwed by wasting money on someone's dream to get rich quick!You do not need to let anyone but a doctor (and maybe a rabbi or something) performing anything like that on your child. Talk to your doctor and he will say the same thing.


actually Beccah - August 29

The technique traces the amount of Y chromosomal DNA in the maternal blood to determine gender. If the Y chromosome DNA is present in the maternal blood sample, it's a boy; if the Y chromosome DNA is not present, it's a girl. It's supposed to be more accurate than an U/S which is most commonly used to determine s_x iinstead of amneocentesis. This type of testing can also be used to determine things that you WOULD use amneocentesis to determine, but those applications are not widely used yet. I do agree with you, that a home circ_mcison is probably a bad idea.


kris A. - August 29

Actually, your home is much more unhygenic than the sterile conditions in the room that the circ is done in at the hospital, and the instruments are also sterilized under strict guidelines at the hosp. I would highly advise letting the hosp. and the trained professionals handle this.


To JMJ - August 29

Yea, my husband thinks he knows everything too..good god woman, you are not seriously going to let your husband cut on your newborn..I'm sorry, but i hope this is a joke...if he is really serious, i would call someone to help you get to the hospital and not let your husband anywhere near this child....expecially w/ a cutting he going to take out his tonsils your husband a doctor....This is the craziest f-ing thing i've ever heard of....this will give me nightmares because i'm having a boy also....



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