Anyone Else Eating Loads

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Emma - March 10

I'm 22 weeks and although I perhaps get bloated quicker than I used to, I find that I need to snack on things all the time. I know I shouldn't eat junk food but I'm still eating crisps and chocolate bars all the time. Does anyone else feel peckish all the time?! I should try and have more will power and cut down on the junk!


Robyn - March 10

I am only 7.5 weeks and I have to eat all the time but only to keep away morning sickness. I feel like every half an hour to an hour I have to snack on something. I did want chocolate all the time but my face started breaking out something fierce! So I turned to bananas and apples and anything I could get my paws on that would settle my stomach and not make me break out.


Billie - March 10

I eat whatever I want, when I want! I try to balance out the junk with healthy stuff. Like if I have chips at brunch, lunch, mid-day snack, after dinner... i'll have an apple or some pineapple in between the chips.... (lol) ;)


Liz - March 10

Your post brings back good memories. I used to CRAVE chili cheese fritos when I was preg (7 years ago) w/ my daughter. I used to force myself to eat an apple everyday along w/ my fritos!


monica - March 10

your not the only one. I am almost 20 weeks and I have gained around 15 lbs. I love junk food too.... I try not to eat it too much maybe once a week but I cant help having a piece of chocolate everyday. I try to eat my fruits and vegetable everyday also.


Heidi - March 10

I've found that eating fruits and veggies for snacks just make me more hungry. Not sure why. I have the urge to eat stuff that's more heavy, fatty etc. Yesterday at a conference I started feeling sick so I ate and apple and 20 minutes later I felt worse! So I bought a bag of cheesy puffs and woofed them all down! I feel like such a pig but man did I feel much better!!!! Plain potato chips are my favorite too. I hope I don't gain a lot. I think I've gained about 4-5 lbs and I'm in my 8th week. I don't really look pg either. I seem to be getting more buldge under my ribs then my lower stomach. Anyone else have this problem? Where my uterus is, it's flat. I can wear my low rise jeans with no problems. When I sit I have a little bludge high up and that's it. I can still sleep on my stomach with no problems too.


SugarPie - March 10

It is d__n difficult to stay healthy. And whomever said that eating the apples and so forth made them more hungry: well, I totally agree!!! I've been noshing down Lion Bars like there's no tomorrow and I'm living off of Chinese, Japanese food and Italian (although I've curbed that because it is now causing me heartburn). Much love, Mamas****


E - March 10

I am a vegetarian and cannot stop fantasizing about a salami sandwich. Or a tuna sandwich. Or a chicken salad sandwich. Or a corned beef sandwich. LMFAO!! I think I want a sandwich. I won't be indulging, just thinking about it till this baby is out.


Heidi - March 10

Yep, apples, bananas, grapes, all that light fruit makes my stomach rumble even more! I too love spicy stuff now. Mexican, chinese, anything. I crave big juicy subs from subway with tons of mayo on it. God I'm gonna be a house when I'm done!!!! Ha ha! My mom said she ate cottage cheese with chocolate on it when she was pg with me. I used to laugh but that's starting to sound really good. Ya know what's really tastey, a spoonful of french dressing on cottage cheese. Or dip sour cream and cheddar chips into cottage cheese. Those are my favorites. Oh man, it's lunch break, where's my cheesy poofs!


BBK - March 10

Emma, once my wife's nausea subsided she has been eating constantly. She's 21 weeks. I monitor her glucose level, and so far OK. At 24 weeks you may want to ask your Gyno about a glucose tolerance test (if he doesn't bring it up), just to be sure you're handling all of it OK.


monica - March 10

hi hiedi is this your first pregnancy. usually with the first your stomach can stay flat for a long time. everyone is different. you might not need to wear maternity clothes until your second trimester.


w - March 10

Yep I am a junkie food eater it's only since i came into my 24th weeks, I was on nice healthy eating before then. But lately it's been crisps everyday and now I'm on the chocolate I try and steer away but it plays on my mind like no ones business. But hey I went to get maternity clothes and was very shocked to be a size 8, I really thort that I was goin to be a 14!!! So it must be doing something good all this junk food!


Heidi - March 10

Yes it's my first pregnancy. I do have some bulging but not where I expected. It's up higher like where my stomach is, not my uterus. I thought this was odd. I can still suck my gut in too or when I lay down it's flat. I thought maybe I was bloated or just really full. I haven't been to the gym in two weeks as I've been too busy so I wondered if my somach mucles were relaxing or something. I plan on getting back there this week though.


amandad - March 10

I just finished jalapenos with soda crackers the first real craving since morning sickness (or what ilike to call all day sickness). Boy were they yummy, wierd.With my last pregnancy i craved fruit all the time.LOL


Billie - March 10

Earlier I said that I eat what I want when I want. Well, I just got back from my doctor's app. and I have gained a lot of weight. 30lbs to be exact! Pre-pregnant I was 102lbs. Maybe I should put the d__n chips down and pick up fruit for real. The only thing is.... I want salty food. Not sweet!!! (btw, I'm 28 weeks preg.)


Tigerphoenix - March 10

Ok this is a little off topic but when does the sickness end? I cant stand feeling nautious all the time.


Billie - March 10

I didn't get any morning sickness but a friend of mine did. She said that her nausea stopped after the first trimester.



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