Anyone Else Exercising

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moe - October 10

I was just wondering if anyone else was exercising? I walk at least 6 times a week 2 miles a day, and I have never felt better with this preg, I am 61/2 mo with my 3rd preg with a girl, due mid January. I love being preg in the fall and winter!!! I was seeing if any moms were stil exercising, I would be a big lazy couch potatoe if i did not exercise, walking is a stress reliever and it gives me so much energy and makes me feel so much better..Any other walkers out there??


Kat - October 10

Hey Moe! I do brisk walking for at least 30mins, 5 or 6 days a week, and it makes me feel great! I don't have much energy right at the moment, but I always feel really alive when I come back in from the cold...I especially love it at the moment, when it's chilly outside, the leaves are all turning, you have to wrap up warm and by the time you get home your cheeks are pink! It's just fantastic. I'm hoping to take up swimming as well, just for a bit of a boost.


karen - October 10

I live in Houston and it just dipped below 90 in the past few days. It's been in the upper 90s, which is too hot & uncomfortable for me to walk, but I am so looking forward to being able to go now. I have been doing indoor activity, but haven't had much energy for that. I do feel so much better after getting some exercise!


lynnstress - October 10

Since early on, I've been doing my Yoga Mama by Crunch dvd 3 times per week. I highly recommend it! I'm 31 weeks with our first.


moe - October 10

Hey girls, I am so gladto hear that ya'll are exercising as well, and I am sorry about that hot weather, I live in okla and it is in the 60's and 70's very nice weather.. but everything is still green around here, wich is unusaull because we had a wet aug and sept but hopefully soon the leaves will start turning.. keep up the good exercising and lets try and keep eachother motivated.... baby dust


Amy - October 10

hi i walk 7days a week and i walk 2 miles a day and i'm due at the end of Jan


moe - October 10

Hey Amy you walk just as much as I do. How long does it usually take you to walk the 2 miles? It takes me and my friend a little over 30 minutes. We also have toddlers we push in the stroller. Good for you, I am due in the middle of January and can't wait for the arrival of our daughter, that sounds funny saying that, our daughter.. heeheellol, can't wait... I am going to keep up the walking until delivery...


Tammy - October 10

I was walking but up until about 3 weeks ago but, now my back is constantly killing me. Just walking at the mall is agony but I have less than 3 weeks left so I guess it's normal. I feel like c___p and am tired all of the time. I put the nursery together over the weekend and I felt like I had done a day of heavy work.


Jenn - October 10

I am early in my pregnancy (7 weeks), but I have been and plan on continuing to walk for 2 miles about 5 times/week. I know it will help with energy and it will give me stamina for delivery. To Tammy- My husband is a chiropractor and he has helped many women who are pregnant with back should find a chiropractor in your area. Adjustments also help ease delivery and keeps your pelvis in line. My sister in law is also a chriropractor and she has given birth twice. Both of her labors only lasted 2 hours and she had no pain meds. She did allot of walking during pregnancy, and got adjusted regularly. It really helps!


cindy - October 10

i am 25 weeks and i have been walking the mall almost every day for 30-40 minutes, (just walking, no shopping) i like it, the mall is great; its safe, well lit, and best of all AIR CONDITIONED. i live in florida, near ft. lauderdale, and its to hot to step outside some days, let alone do any thing else. good luck everyone!!


Shel - October 10

I am on my 2nd baby and am now 8 weeks pregnant and swear by walking every day at least 30 minutes. Not only does it keep us in shape, it helps relieve the aches that come with pregnancy - nausea and morning sickness at the moment! Later on it helps circulation and overall att_tude - it releases endorphins which helps the body in many ways.



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