Anyone Else Experiencing This Pain Too Please Respond

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Concerned Chick - October 12

Since i was 11 weeks pregnant, my tail bone or my hip bone has been extremely painful. If I were to lay down flat for 10 minutes I wouldnt be able to get back up. I actually had to crawl to get to the kitchen because i couldnt walk. I am now 22 weeks, and the pain has become 10 times worse. I have to have my boyfriend help me up and help me walk, I asked my doctor and she said it was normal, but no one I have ever known has had this much pain.


chrissyj - October 12

Never heard of this problem but Im sure ur Doc knows what hes talking about.Hope u feel better soon.Good luck 2 u.


Concerned Chick - October 12

Thank you chrissy, now i'm more concerned, lol. How far are you


Rachel.R - October 12

I dont know about that pain.. but i did have trouble gettin up and things like that about 10 weeks ago. but it disappeared.. i also had alot of problem early in my pregnancy with my siatic nerve.. found it extremely painful to move. I dunno.. if it gets worse, maybe go to the hospital, they may run tests etc.


Kal - October 12

I've had sciatica (sp?) since around week 7 - on occasions that can be so painful that I can't walk, sit down or move myself easily. I found that ma__saging my bumcheeks helps (don't ask how I found this out!), and the doctor suggested sitting on a hot water bottle. Of course, your pain could be caused by something entirely different, but maybe you could try out my techniques to see if they help. Could you go back to your doctor and tell him that you're worried, possibly demand some tests?


Lucy - October 12

get thee to an osteopath or chiropractor! they will be able to make adjustments and make you more comfortable.


bump - October 12



anna - October 12

I think I know what problem you are talking about. I had the same problem and when I asked my doctor, he said it was from bones seperating and expanding to provide more space for the baby to grow. Things have gotten better for me-- I am at 33 weeks, but every once in awhile I still get those pains. Hope this helped :)


l - October 16



JM - October 17

It would be early for it to happen, but you might check out the condition symphysis pubis dysfunction.


... - October 17

My tailbone has been hurting pretty bad, and I am only in my 15th dr. said when I get bigger, I can buy a belt that you wear around the bottom of your belly that helps hold the uterus up off your tailbone/hips to help with the pain. Maybe this would help you? Maybe your dr. would know more about the belt.


Becky - October 17

Definitely see a chiropractor.



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