Anyone Else Feel Hostility Towards Their Fiance

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Lana - April 6

I am 7w 3d and at some points during the day i cant stand my fiance. I want to leave him but then when i think about it I can't picture myself without him. He doesn't really understand and he thinks i hate him. will these feelings ever go away?


Lou - April 7

Yes they will it is very common for you to feel that way its your hormones. They will change after the pregnancy you should take the time out (when your not hating him)and explain it to him. I had a best-friend that did not like her husband at all when she was pregnant but because he was educated on women and there hormones during pregnancy he understood


BBK - April 7

Lana, my wife's moods were very close to what you describe in the first trimester...... things took a U-turn in the second trimester though and we're getting along better than ever....he's gotta tough it out for another 6 weeks at least. :-)


Misty - April 7

Hormones can wreak havock on pregnant women. It doesn't feel like hormones while we are going through the moodswings but that is what they are. Just try to explain it to him. Let him know that you do love him and you don't want him to leave but you are going through a lot of changes emotionally right now and to just try to be there for you and tough it out.


Meadra - April 7

Oh, yeah!!! Sometimes I wish I could just growl at him and make him leave me alone. Then i feel guilty because I do love him and he doesnt deserve to be treated like that. He just rolls his eyes and goes to hang with his brothers for a while. I love him so much. It'll get better. Soon. Hopefully....


~S~ - April 7

I'm the opposite. I find my love for him even stronger than before.


Angela - April 7

I know how you feel. I dislike my fiance with a strong pa__sion. I put him out every other week. I'm kicking him out the bed. Once I even made him sleep on the floor.So I know just how you feel.


Misty - April 7

A while ago I was actually really mad at my fiance, I wondered if I should be with him because we don't see eye to eye on many things. So because of that we argue a lot because we are both very stuborn and hard headed. But then I read this post on another forum about a woman who wondered if her husband was bi-polar because he was verbally abusive to her. Many people responded that had gone through similar things (not their guys being bi-polar, but abusive) and it made me realize just how lucky I am with my guy. The type of people that were being talked about in that thread were truly mean, sometimes vicious people. I have appreciated my man more ever since. Our relationship is far from perfect, but he truly does love me, and he give up things he wants for me sometimes to make me happy. It is amazing how my perspective changed after reading that. I am truly happy with my relationship now. Until our next argument anyway. :-) Plus, I already decided I couldn't run him over with the car because his hard head would dent my bumper. So I guess I will let him stick around.


sarita - April 8

i hold back from kicking mine outta the apt on a daily basis...poor maintenence man is reaping the wrath of my pregnancy right now which is saving the b/f from annihilation! :P


Heidi - April 8

Just stay away from him. That's what I did. I just stayed on the couch and he kept his distance. At 10 weeks I was much better! Now I just shoot him dirty looks. Ha ha!


Karen - April 8

Oh yes. The thing is that he seems to be having pregnancy symptoms along with me. Both of us are really moody and boy sometimes I could just chok him to death and I be wishing for him to leave the house so I could be alone and he is out of my sight. I hoping it changes after the baby comes. LOL take care



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