Anyone Else Feel Tired From Work

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Hayls - March 11

Hi I work a boring 9 till 5 office job and I feel like all I do is stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day, typing etc. and then I go home and I'm knackered. I know it's the same for most people but I want to start being more active and doing more exercise. I don't go out in the evening as I'm tired and I don't sleep well anyway. I think it's just a vicious circle but I'm 22 weeks pregnant and all this can't be good for my baby can it! Any advice on what I can do to be more active and sleep better?


Missy - March 11

I am only 10.5 weeks, and I work in an office as well and by the time I get home I can barely stand I am so tired!! I feel what you are saying - unfortunatly, I haven't found a solution. Let me know if you find anything that helps!!


Robyn - March 11

Hey, almost 8 weeks preggers and am the exact same way. I work in an office all day staring at the comp screen and when I get home am blasted tired. My poor boyfriend wants to go out and do stuff and I physiclly cant! I try to walk around the block at least to get some motion goin, but by the time I am done I am ready for bed. I dont sleep well at night and cant get of bed inthe morning no matter how early I go to bed! I havent figured out a solution either, keep us posted and vice versa.


Heidi - March 11

I feel the same way. I work 7-3 and sit behind a computer all day and sometimes I think all this sitting makes it worse. I get extremely tired after lunch and then I'm wiped out when I get home. Getting up in the morning is almost impossible some days as I have morning sickness all day on top of it. I'm at 8 weeks and it seems to be getting a little better. I've actually added caffeine back into my diet as I need the extra boost. Just a can of pop every other day. They said it won't hurt you if you don't OD on the stuff. I don't know about you guys but when I get hungry, it hits me so fast and actually hurts. My stomach just growls like mad and I feel so sick from it. It's like it's saying, feed me right now!!!! I'm hungry almost every two hours. I feel like a cow!


Billie - March 11

I am tired when I get home from work too. All I want to do is lay down on the couch and not do a d__n thing. Luckily this is my first child so I don't have another little one to take care of when I feel like this. I'm in my third trimester and I read that the fatigue comes back in this trimester and d__n it, it did. I go to bed at a reasonable time (10pm) but when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I just went to bed. I am so tired of this pregnancy thing!!! (sometimes)


Liz - March 11

I am an average American (size 8)not some rail thin crazed exerciser. I walked EVERY day throughout my preg. and even in the first hours of labor. I had aTOUGH labor and they said I did better due to the fact I did this mild form of exercse daily. It gave me energy. Don't get me wrong, I remember almost throwing up from car exhaust while walking but I swear it did make me fell better doing something.


E - March 11

Are you interested in joining a cla__s for pregnant women, like yoga? It may help boost your energy level. Also, you could go to an indoor pool on the weekends and do some mild water aerobics. I bet it would feel good. I wish I had used a pool while pregnant. I probably would not have a displaced hip at 36 weeks if I had done some strengthening excercises earlier. I am paying for it now...


Kelsey - July 12

I'm am SO very tired all the time. I don't know if I am coming or going. I'm 11 weeks in to my pregnancy.. Does this get better or only worse. I work in an office to and sometimes I find myself sleeping looking at my computer screen. I am hungry like every 2 hours also, I have to eat or I just can't do anything I get so sick to my stomach.... Anyone have any solutions to this?


Rachel* - July 12

Kelsey, you're energy level will increase when you reach your second trimester and your hunger should level out too. I am now 29 weeks and when I was at 11 weeks I thought I'd never be this far. You will get through it. I had the same problems. It's totally normal. Unfortunately, for me, the sleepyness returned at the begining of my third trimester. Good luck for a very healthy pregnacy :)


dani - July 12

Hayls, I'm in the same boat your in. I work 4 days a week 9-6, but I'm not sleeping really good, and just plain tired after work. I have no energy what so ever. I try to get a 30 min. walk in over my lunch hour, but after work all I want to do is eat dinner and rest.


tara - July 12

I'm almost at 36 weeks and work in an office as well. If you find your job boring that's part of the reason you feel knocked of your feet when you get home. The only thing that helped me was joining in yoga which I stopped about 2 months ago but going back again this week. It's hard for me to get motivated to go out but when I do I always feel so much better. Try making plans with friends to go out for a walk; I find if I have plans with someone it's easier to get out than if it's just me. good luck.



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