Anyone Else Heard Of Slapped Cheek Sydrome

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Fleur - April 28

I was recently in contact with a little boy who had Slapped Cheek Syndrome (or Fiths disease). I was very worried about it for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, I turned out to be ok, but I've heard that if you do contract it that it can cause anaemia in unborn children. Nobody warned me about this, so I thought I'd let you know in case you haven't heard of it. The worst thing is that it is most contagious before the symtoms show. Symtoms are, aching joints, mild flu, and a rash which starts on the face and works it's way around the body.


Fleur - April 28

I meant Syndrome. Wish I could edit!!!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 28

Yeah, I my son had this last summer, thank gosh I wasn't pregnant. I had a friend exposed when she was about 4 months pregnant. It was very scary. They baby was showing signs of problems but then within a few weeks it turned out fine. From what I understand either it is fine or deadly. Very Scary!!!!!!


nancy - April 28

My son just got over this, I did not take him to the Doc but he had the symptoms and the rash. He was sick for about 3-4 days. And then Monday I found out that it could be harmful if you are pregnant. I have not had a.. since March 2. I suspect I may be pregnant, but all hpt are Neg. I have a doc appt. on Sat. And will be sure to let him know of the disease if I am preg.


mimi - April 30

fifths disease (scientific name: parvovirus) can be very serious for pregnant women especially in their first trimester or in the first half in their pregnancy. if you are pregnant, go to the doctor and get a blood test to see if you have the antibodies. 50 to 60 percent of adults have already had the disease without knowing it and are immuned to getting it again. i was diagnosed with fifth's disease early this week. i am still in my trimester. i was very worried because it can cause miscarriage in 13 percent. it can also cause other serious problems in the baby. luckily, the doctors read the results wrong and i don't have fifth's and i am immuned to getting it. i really wish doctors would let pregnant women know more about the disease because with proper hygiene, a pregnant women can keep from getting it. (ei stay away from children or if close to them wash your hands really well, don't drink or eat after them and just be careful)



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