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down :( - October 29

Okay, before anyone gets hopped up, I am looking forward to my baby, and I am doing all things healthy and necessary. However - I'm not your typical baby person. I've never been big on kids (other people's kids drive me crazy) - but it's making pregnancy very frustrating, because I don't embrace all the "it's beautiful and natural" business - it all kinda grosses me out, and makes me feel weird. Body changes, (permenant changes, some!!), labor, br___tfeeding, the whole bit. I like the woman I was, and I'm sick of hearing how I'm going to be changed forever. I hope this makes sense to at least one other person.


tiffani~3 days to go!! - October 29

I understand what you're saying. Although I don't feel the same way, I have lots of friends who I imagine would feel just as you do about pregnancy if they were to become pregnant. I think that what matters is that you are taking on this pregnancy in a very responsible manner. You're looking forward to the baby, just not all that's involved in actually having a baby from start to finish. I think once your little one is born, you'll find that you're a baby person after all, even if it's only an admiration you have for your child and noone elses. Good luck to you! :o)


Gina - October 29

I feel the same way you do, and thought it was only me. Although this is a planned pregnancy I keep seeing other people's kids in places like restaraunts and wonder what I've let myself in for :)


Melissa - October 29

Don't worry "Down" are not the only one that feels that way. My fiance and I have been ttc.....sort of. Some days I really want a baby..and the next I am scared about how I will be changing...and chicken out. I dont like the idea of my b___sts getting saggy or going down a size(they are quite perky and nice..=)....or getting stretch marks on my body..or possibly gaining weight I will never be able to lose.......I am not vain..but I know I am a pretty girl and I dont know if I want to give my nice body up just yet....I guess I am up in the air at this depends on my mood from day to!. Dont feel bad.....I think every woman stresses about their pre-pregnancy body and if they will ever have it back


s - October 30

I was not a baby person my entire life. I never changed a diaper, never held a baby, seeing pictures of babies didn't warm my heart, I did not like the sounds babies made (esp. the crying...I would be thinking "shut the child up please"), when I would see a baby in the supermarket, I really wouldn't gush as some people do, I'd rather run the other direction. I didn't think I would ever have a child. At 30 I became pregnant, had my child, and to be honest...I can not believe I waited so long. He is the most beautiful thing that God has created in my eyes and I treasure every moment I have with him. However, it did take me a few weeks to adjust to having a baby around, like it does for most people. I was a bit depressed about the whole deal. Everything that you mentioned feeling is how I felt, so I can relate. You may or may not change you mind. Some people have children and realize that they do not want to be a full time mom (working moms in particular, some hire nanny's etc)...and that's okay. As long as you love and care for your little one as best you can. Good luck with everything and congratulations on your pregnancy.


Jbear - October 30

I felt the same way. It's a little different when it's your own baby, but it takes a little while to adjust. The nurses at the pediatrician's office call everyone "mom" and when I would hear them say "mom" I'd look around for the mom, because it wasn't me. I was also afraid my body would never feel like it was mine again after pregnancy, but it did. The only permanant changes I had after pregnancy were darker nipples and a c-section scar. Of course, I wasn't exactly a barbie doll to begin with. I didn't b___stfeed either of my kids, the first because it didn't work and the second because I didn't want to. Sometimes I'm still shocked to realize that I'm responsible for everything my kids eat, wear, do, say, etc. for the next 18 years at least, but most of the time I'm happy to be a mom.


To down - October 30

I am on baby #2 and Jbear and S described my feeling perfectly. Even though I already I have a baby I would still say I am not a baby person. Babies suck! I like them better around toddler age and best on thier way to college. But I have a long way to go. I am hopeing the 3-10 range will be better for me. I seem to be a favorite among that age group, after that I really don't want to have anything to do with kids. I think it has more to do with my not liking other people's kids. I have only met one who wasn't a spoiled brat! So I will keep my fingers crossed for you, you do the same for me.


Jamie - October 30

I HATE kids. Can't stand 'em. Of course, I adore mine, but that's because she's perfect in every way. 8^) Like so many who posted before me, it's normal to feel that way. Like it or not, you WILL change, you already HAVE changed. It sucks, but it's worth it.


h - October 30

down - I can't speak for myself, I come from a big family and am the youngest with 8 nephews and 4 nieces. I couldn't wait to have a child! My dh on the other hand really didn't care for children. He thought he wanted a little girl, and always planned for a child, just wasn't "big" on kids. Now his little girl has him wrapped around her 2 year old finger! And I imagine this one on the way will too. We were discussing whether or not to have a second, and God had already made a decision! This is our last (he's getting fixed!) But we are thrilled non the less. I'm 27 weeks and he has just started getting excited (after we found out it was another girl!) My girlfriend had 3 pregnancies - all unwanted and all unplanned and all with failed birthcontrol. Before she got pregnant, she never wanted to have kids. She is very open about that. But she is also very open with her love and affection of her 3 kids. She would never trade them for the world! She did b___stfeed and even helped me through my first! She is one of those people with the mindset, that if she is going to do something she is going to be the best at it. So she reaad all of the books, took all of the cla__ses and decided what was the healthiest and best thing for her and her kids. But like her I will say on the b___stfeeding thing, don't feel bad no matter what you decide! If you do it, great for you, if you decide not to, then that is what is best for your family. BF is hard when you aren't comfortable with it, and I know a lot of mom's who tried for years TTC and didn't BF. Good luck on your pregnancy and just enjoy YOUR life. You are still you, and this baby is yours. People feel different about things that are part of themselves!



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